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Accounts as a subject has gained immense popularity in the Australian Education sector. Most importantly, it is because of the ever- growing demand of the subject that large number of students like you apply for undergraduate and post graduate accounting courses in the universities of Australia. In fact, the demand of accounting as a profession is definite to grow with each passing year.

It is also because of the bright future prospects of bookkeeping courses, that you have opted for this course to enhance your career prospects. The need of financial evaluation in every organization presently has further given a push to the demand of courses in accounting in Australia. Not only students from Australia, but many international students can be seen enrolling for accounting courses in various colleges of Australia.

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Courses offered by the Australian Universities

  • Bachelor of Accounting

    This course is offered by a number of colleges with variation in their time duration. You can choose a college or university with respect to the curriculum offered by the college. The time duration generally ranges from 2-3 years in full time and 4-6 years as a part time accounting course. Following is a list of institutions to apply Bachelors of Accounting in Australia:

  • Bachelors of Business in Accounting and Finance

    This degree does not on limit you only to the accounting course but also prepares you for multi- dimensional roles in the field of business be it management or finances of a company. The time duration of this course is 3 years for full time and 6 years for part time course. Universities offering this course are:

  • Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Financial Planning

    This course qualifies you for varied career options in the field of business, accounting and financial planning. Moreover, the combination of these subjects are high in demand and opens up great futuristic options for the students like you, doing this course. The time period for this bookkeeping course is the same as other bachelor degrees, i.e., 3 years for students opting it as a full time accounting course and 6 years for those who take it as a part time course. This combinational course is offered by only one university-

  • Bachelors of Business (Accounting)

    This is the course that directs you to gain specialization in Accounting field along with giving you exposure to the subjects of business. This prepares you to take better approach for your future in the field of accounting. The time duration of this bookkeeping course is 3 years for full time students and 6 years for part time students and it remains same for every university offering this course. Following are the Universities in Australia, offering this accounting course:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

    This is a great commerce degree which offers specialization in the field of accounting. If you have interest in the vast field of commerce with the aim of gaining specialized degree in bookkeeping course, then you can apply for this course. It is available online as well as on- campus and the time range is same as other accounting courses, i.e., 3 years for full time students whereas double time of 6 years need to be invested by you, if you seek part time course in this Bachelor degree. Following are the colleges and Universities in Australia, offering this course:

  • Diploma of Accounting

    A diploma course is meant to prepare you for your future job and to hone your capabilities in accordance to the practicalities of the employment sector environment. Same is the case with this Diploma course in Accounting which is offered through online medium by all the universities of Australia, offering this bookkeeping course.

  • Advanced Diploma of Accounting

    This is an advanced accounting course, which qualifies you to work directly in the field of accounting. It facilitates you with both the theoretical and practical knowledge to be used in the field of accounting. This course is provided online as well as on –campus by the colleges and the time pace for the same is generally 1-2 years. Also, for the online course, the time duration generally depends on your grasping speed. Following is the list of universities in Australia, offering the advanced diploma course in accounting:

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Types of accounting assignment help services offered by us:

We, at assignment help 4 u provide assignment help online, to cater quality write- ups as per your demand. Our process of writing assignments involves a number of steps, which is designed intentionally to serve high quality to you- our customers. To mention about accounting assignments, we have dealt with a high number of accounting homework service requests, all of which have scored A grade in their assessments.

Our highly qualified professionals ensure that all your accounting assignments are written keeping in mind the technical issues and solved strictly as per the guidelines mentioned in the assignment. Following are few of the types of accounting assignment help we offer as our online assignment assistance:


Acquisition analysis

This analysis again requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Therefore, our professionals having degrees in accounting and finance undertake these technical works and offer their expertise to give accounting assignment homework to students like you.


Profitability analysis

This accounts for the profit analysis of the company in question. The accounting assignments sent by you, generally have the details of the company of which the profitability analysis are to be done. So, our expert writers follow each step of the mentioned guidelines and carry out a respective analysis to justify quality service in the assignment assistance.


Consolidation analysis

This is also termed as the technical analysis of the accounting homework. Here the movement of the stocks is checked and analyzed with respect to the trading levels. The students like you, who mail us to get online assignment assistance, send us the information of the stocks and the respective trading levels. You must keep in mind that sharing of all these credentials is very important to provide a quality and realistic assignment help.


NPV analysis

It refers to the analysis of the Net present value of a company. Being a student of Accounting, you are generally asked to generate the NPV analysis of an organization in a case study. Here you are required to take note of the difference in the value of cash which has come into the company and the one which has gone out of the company for a respective period of time.


IRR analysis

This analysis is a part of capital budgeting of accounting course. The purpose of this analysis is to generate an estimated figure by calculating the profits to be generated by the potential investments in a business. This surely requires a foresighted approach in business and the student needs to put in a lot of effort to evaluate the same. Therefore, we, at assignment help 4 u, provide online assignment assistance to do these assignments in the most professional way and quick period of time.


Balance sheet analysis

These types of assignments are generally given by the universities of Australia to check your practical learning ability and how capable have you become to utilize your theoretical knowledge in the practical field. We, at assignment help 4 u, provide online assignment assistance on balance sheet analysis with the help of writers who have worked as industry professionals in the field. Due to the strong expertise in accounting, these writers are able to deliver quality and timely results for the online accounting homework.


Ratios analysis- accounting assignment help

This type of accounting assignment again requires you to have in-depth knowledge of the subject. This is why, we get Ratio analysis assignments done by writers having respective professional experience. Also, it is a quantitative analysis of the accounting field, which takes into account three factors of the company. The segments of consideration for ratio analysis are liquidity of the company, its profitability and the operational efficiency of the organization. All these factors are taken care of by the expert writers while preparing such technical accounting home works.

Quick facts to know- Jargons of accounting assignments


This refers to the accounts payable by the company. This term is generally used in the accounting subjects when the content refers to a number of expenses that are to be paid by a company or a business owner.


In the field of accounting, assets refer to the items mentioned in the case study company, which have a certain monetary value. These include- properties, stocks, accounts receivable, vehicles, cash and equipment. If a college accounting assignment asks you to calculate the assets of a case study, then you just need to check the value of the above items mentioned and sum them up.

Balance sheet

A balance sheet is a detailed documentation of the assets owned by a company along with its liabilities and other capitals at a respective point of time. It also enlists the balance details of the company with reference to its income and expenditure for that particular period of time. As a part of accounting course, you are asked to prepare balance sheets, a number of times and present them in a detailed format in your accounting assignments.

Cashflow statement

This is again an important document in accounting, about which the students are introduced at the introductory level of their accounting course. The details mentioned in the document exhibits the information about the profits earned from the business and money invested into business over a certain period of time.


These refer to the amounts to be paid by a company to any of the associates or the business dealings at present or in the future to come.

Net Profit

Though, this term is very simple and is generally used at many places in daily life also, still many students get confused about this term. This refers to the total profit earned by a company after all the deductions are made. So, if you are asked in your accounting assignment to generate the net profit of a company, then you should concentrate on its net worth by subtracting the money invested and the loss encountered.


This term refers to the amounts to be spent by an organization. These are of three types- Fixed expenses, variable expenses and accrued expenses.

Prospects of accounting as a career

After obtaining an accounting degree from the top most universities in Australia, you are sure to begin a lucrative career journey. From government jobs to public accounting and private accounting, the accounting course allows you to explore jobs in the financial services as well. All you need, is to learn the technicalities by heart and understand the accounting concepts well, so that you can use them in practicality when asked by an interviewer in a company. Also, the career opportunities after an accounting course are very rewarding and it gives you the chance to prosper high in your future.

Following is the list of few job options you can look for, after completing an accounting course from any of the reputed universities in Australia:

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