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Accounting is prominently addressed and recognised as the most important subject of business. Having a sound knowledge of this subject enables a person to maintain track of, evaluate and summarise the financial transactions of their organisation. To become a controller, an accountant or a CPA is not a simple endeavour because this is always counted in tricky and difficult subjects.

Some of the students possess the knowledge about head or tail of this subject; whereas some need constant assistance on the accounts assignments. Scholars enrolled in accounts have to complete tasks like financial accounting, balance sheet assignment, business analysis and financial theory.


Accounting has a wide scope, and it covers a vast range of topics. Here are some of the fields that students have to study.

  • Management Accounting: In this respective domain of accounting, there is the process that involves analysing the business cost and other actions for the preparation of the report of all the financial transactions. It also helps in the process of decision making and accomplishing the goals of the business.
  • Financial Accounting: This field concentrates on the publishing of financial information of an organisation to external entities like potential investors, investors and creditors. The summary of the transactions is prepared in the financial statements such as balance sheets, cash flow and income statement.
  • Tax Accounting: It focuses on the analysis, preparation and presentation of tax returns and payments. The internal revenue code governs the tax accounting dictating the rules that have to be followed while preparing tax returns.
  • Auditing: The evaluation of the statements of finance followed by an organisation for the fair representation of the transactions. The audit is performed for the verification of the transactions of the taxpayers.


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