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10 Obstacles That Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals

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In this article, I will explain why this happens to you, what obstacles are holding you back and what you need to do to change this situation. It is frustrating to see how other people do have what they want: a better salary, a great job, a successful business, easily sell their products or services, have an excellent relationship; while, you only see how your dreams vanish in time. Then you start to ask yourself, that where you have wrong and then justify yourself by saying the things like she is intelligent, she has money, studies, she is beautiful, taller, thinner than you are and thousands of more excuses?

This is not about what other people have or are. It is about you, about what you do have and are capable of, only that now you do not see it, and this is one of the first things you need to work on, after having a clear idea of what you want.

  • Your way of thinking

The thoughts you have in you are those that prevent you from moving forward and achieve what you want. That is why it is necessary to silence your inner voice, that little voice, when you think about your goal, tells you that it is not possible and you cannot do it, it is very difficult, what are you going to do, there is no time, what if he or she says no? And gives you all the reasons why you should not even try.

Therefore, you need to work on your beliefs and thoughts, because they will be your biggest support to get what you want, in addition to your emotions. When you have a positive thought, you immediately feel a positive emotion because you are thinking positively and the same thing works the other way around, it happens because your mind is connected to your body, your heart and your emotions. The more emotions and positive thoughts you have, the easier it will be to reach your goal. Start training your mind to work as per your wish.

  • People

It is possible that you are surrounded by negative people, who influence you so much that instead of supporting you they sink you more and more. You get carried away easily by their negative and demotivating comments. You need to analyse who these people are, to what area of your life do you belong: work, friends, family, couple. In what way do they influence you? What do you feel is necessary to do with them? Start to set limits in your life, surround yourself with people that support you, motivate you, that are positive, enterprising, that have your same interests.

  • Behaviours and habits

What behaviours or habits do you continue to hold that no longer serve you and what change do you need to have? Observe yourself for a week, and respond the time when you get up and the time you go to bed, the way of working, the way of resting and ways to have fun. Here you can realise, what things that you do daily are not supporting you in your goal, change them or eliminate them from your life.

  • Disorder in your home or office

When you have a mountain of things watered everywhere, the only thing you do is to make your mind more confused and heavy. That is why it is important that you maintain order. By just ordering your things you will take a weight off, you will feel lighter, your mind will be more clear, and you can think better, even if you do not believe it.

  • Remained tied to the past

When a person stops living the present and remains submerged in the past, remembering what was and will not be, what was and is not, how much he was happy or unhappy, the only thing he does is not to advance, to hinder his happiness, not appreciate the good that you now have.

You need to leave the past behind as what was before will not come back, but today you have the present to rebuild. If in the past you were hurt, you need to forgive and forget it and move on by learning from that experience. Because today that have made you more strong and prepared you for all the good that is to come.

To achieve your goals, you need to discover the reason for what holds you back, your subconscious beliefs, thoughts, fears, habits and disorder. If you do not eliminate those beliefs or change those habits, then you will not achieve your goal.

  • The inclination to failure

One of the main obstacles that prevent you from achieving success is the fact that you are prone to failure. Although the tendency is not more than a mental state, possibly based on prejudices, it alters your way of thinking and therefore your behaviour, reaction and decision making regarding what you want to achieve. The idea is that you are liable to succeed, that from the beginning you have as a motto, achieve what you set out to achieve your dreams, no matter what happens, or what others do.

  • Fear of criticism

The fear of criticism is a great obstacle that sometimes we impose; we think that if we continue with our way, people will criticise us or they will make fun of us. When the others are so busy with each other, that they do not even have time to criticise. In addition to that 95% of the time, what people give us, are not ridicule but their support, when wanting to achieve success it is.

  • Lack of preparation

It becomes evident that if you are not prepared for a specific eventuality, achieving success becomes more difficult. The preparation reduces nerves, shyness and at a personal level improves self-confidence and self-esteem. Being prepared can be about studying, analysing the situation, adopting techniques from some mentors, or just convincing yourself that what will be done will be done well.

  • Think big

Many times we get involved in our reality, and we do not see beyond the nose. We believe that what we can achieve is little and that our reach is clearly local. But like many other things, thinking big is a habit that can be acquired. Many malicious people try to sell us the idea that we will never become great people, great professionals, great parents, significant historical figures etc. But the reality is that achieving high things depends solely on oneself, so the solution, without going any further, is basically what you think and feel every day. If you think big, you achieve big things.


Similar to the predisposition to failure, negativity synchronises us with a frequency of losses. To think that things will not go well will only make them worse. Being a negativist has never served anyone at all. It is a simple fact that we do not dominate our unconscious mind and our thoughts. We are "programmed" to always think of the worst first, to avoid possible traumas (it is a human condition). However, it also stops us and hinders the path to success.

To manage to deal with these obstacles, when it comes to wanting to achieve dreams, goals, what you propose, or only success, is essential to get benefited in the best possible way.

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