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10 Tips to Avoid Distractions While Studying

Home Articles 10 Tips to Avoid Distractions While Studying

With the approaching exams comes the attempt to revise everything in long sessions of study and learn everything from the books and notes and taking it all forward. The following articleis dedicated to helping the students and includes some tricks to that will help you the most in avoiding distractions.

Anyone is carried away by the stimuli that we have around us and that can be very dangerous when we are playing an approved. Therefore, we must learn to leave our distractions aside.

  1. Making study plans and strategies is great but always keep in mind that you have to act upon them. Make sure you are very clear that you must study in advance, that it is urgent and that the sooner you take that subject off, the sooner you will finish the race.
  2. Be reasonable with yourself and think about how you study better. It's great to be with friends when you go to the library, but that can distract you and it does not make sense. Stay with friends to eat or after studying, but during work hours your friends are the notes and essays.
  3. Plan what you should study each day, neither more nor less. Putting yourself more tasks than necessary can distract you from the pure burden and we do not want that. What interests us is that you feel that every day you will be able to finish what you have for that day of study. Note on a calendar every day you pass and overcome the work that you had to. Stimulate yourself.
  4. If you want to go to the library because you do not have space at home to study and you know that your friends are there, sit separately. You're likely to miss gossips and stories, but you'll pass and that will make you happier. Try to put yourself in a different classroom on different floors, to avoid the temptation to go and distract them.
  5. Try to choose a seat facing the wall or with poor visibility of the room, where you are far from corridors or entrance doors.
  6. The headphones can be a good idea if you want to isolate yourself even more in your environment.
  7. Although it is not useful in all disciplines if while you write while studying, you will get your thought focused on one thing and go hither and thither.
  8. Take only what you need to study. The tablet can stay at home and it is likely that the laptop too. If that's where you have the notes, go to a copy shop and print them.
  9. Keep the phone off in your bag or backpack and do not look at it. Yes, it's complicated. Also, you want to know the time. Take a watch.
  10. If you know that you will not be able to withstand the temptation, there are applications that allow us to 'block' the phone until the time we want. Thus, although we feel the need to send a message, we cannot.
  11. Tell your family and friends not to bother you unless it is necessary. It is possible that they laugh a little at you and declare that you will not be able to leave the mobile phone, but the best proof you can give them against this, is to stand firm during your study hours.
  12. The best way to get rid of distractions is that you get up every two hours take a walk and clear your mind. Trying to spend six hours studying will lead you to mental exhaustion.

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