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7 Tips To Write Excellent Opinion Essays

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Essay writing is one of the necessary tasks in school or college life. In the colleges, the students get many types of essays to write, and they should be submitted at the scheduled time and date to the professors. With the help of these essay writing tasks, the colleges want to judge the capability of the students to write and express their thoughts in a compelling way. There are many other aspects of essay writing on which the students are evaluated such as the language of the paper, the legitimacy of the content and the way of presenting the thoughts.

The essays which are given for the academic purpose are the formal type of essays, and they fall in various categories of essays such as descriptive essays, narrative essays, opinion essays, comparative essays, and comparative essays etc. If you are in your graduate or post-graduate level, then the complexity of the topics which will be assigned to you will be very high.


Opinion essays are that kind of essays which require an opinion on a particular topic. For that, you have to give various reasons and examples to state and support your point. In these essays, you can also include your opposing standpoint regarding a particular topic. These are the essentials of an opinion essay which should be kept in mind while writing one:

  1. The first thing of your essay will be the topic of your paper. It should be clear and easy to comprehend. It should state the purpose of your writing.
  2. Then the next thing of your paper will be the introductory paragraph of your essay. The introduction should be engaging and give your readers a reason to keep reading your report. You can provide highlights of the main points of your paper here in the introduction.
  3. Then there will be the main body of your essays. It might consist of several paragraphs or various headings covering the main points of your study. As it is the opinion essay, therefore, every argument or point of your essay must be provided by your opinion on that subject of the topic. For making your arguments stronger, you can give examples and evidence from previous studies as well. It will make your essay convincing and give your audiences a reason to think about the points you have written in your research.
  4. You should end your essay with a conclusion by summarising all the points, and you can restate your viewpoint more compellingly.
  5. It is essential that the papers you present to your college must be entirely correct. You should proofread your documents for the correctness in various aspects such as the usage of language, appropriateness of the spellings and grammar, the relevance of the content, uniformity of the format, adequacy of the referencing technique followed and proper organisation of facts and opinions giving a structure to the paper.
  6. Before writing the essay, you should decide first that whether you want to write it in the agreement of the given topic or want to disagree with that. In both of the cases, you should provide enough proofs to your assertions.
  7. The paragraphs in an opinion essay should be written with appropriate linking of the words and sentences. Preferably you should start each paragraph with the topic sentence which should give the idea about the material of your article.

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