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9 Easy Steps to Polish Your Writing Skills

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Making dramatic changes to learn a variety of writing skills is not as difficult now as it was earlier. You just have to practice more and more to become a better writer. As you are here, you are already practicing. This shows your commitment towards honing your writing abilities.

Many students think they are not writers, but they have put forth their thoughts into text. I know you might not have realized it for most of the times, but you will get to the thought once you sit back to analyze your students’ life.

Don’t you want to see eye to eye with my views? You would agree with me when I would make this sentence. Don’t you write emails? Yes? Or don’t you post on social media? Do you bar yourself from LinkedIn or messaging apps? Many of you might be in such jobs which need reports to be made, and newsletters to be written. Then you need to hone your writing to make it more structural and crisp.

  1. Pay attention to the concepts you are writing about- If you are confused and you are not able to explain your point to be a six-year-old child, then you need first to understand it yourself. If you are writing with a purpose, and have a goal to achieve a specific result, ask yourself that you are looking for. You have to have a clear meaning. After you are done with it, adhere to it.
  2. Analyze your message and know its complexity- If your text is high on convolution graph, and it has multiple angles, requests, questions, outline them. Do it before you sit back to write. You will save your time and save yourself from giving explanations to your questions.
  3. Put yourself in the readers’ shoes- Think that what the reader would be imagining and thinking while reading your content. Are you giving enough contexts and providing space for them to understand the material? If not, try writing in some other way.
  4. Stay away from the habit of over-explaining- The material which you are adding in your content should be easy to understand for the readers. But make sure that you are not giving them trivial details. If you have done this in any section of your document, pay another visit to that paragraph. Get rid of the unnecessary information. It will also make your material short and crisp.
  5. Try to converse with the readers- Talking to the reader is a good thing. But don’t overdo it. It can give a false picture of your writing as well as your personality. The user may believe that you don’t have the required conviction level. That is why you have opted for the conversational approach. Go easy on the prepositional phrases as well. They make the writing wordy and complicated. It is because not all the readers are proficient enough to understand the prepositions. They need some explanations most of the times. You will see a boost in the clarity aspect of your document.
  6. Don’t go for filler words and phrases- When we write, we unintentionally use a set of words and phrases. But they don’t contribute to the material as the way we want to. Many times such words and phrases just add clutter in your paper, nothing else.
  7. Don’t mix weak words and adverbs- We use adverbs to modify the verbs. But when we get used to adding a bundle of adverbs in our content, we are making weak word choices. If you too are doing this, then you need to work on it. For this, you need to learn new words. For example, he ran very fast, write the word sprinted.
  8. Don’t be too complicated- Stick with simple words. Do not use the words which no one can understand. Forget about them and learn the difference between using heavy words and being an owner of a rich vocabulary. Do not try to brag. But the poetic tone is excluded from this. Otherwise be simple and use simple words.
  9. Be in a flow- You can test your material by speaking it aloud. You will learn that whether your content is choppy or it is of high quality. This technique has also helped me many times. You can practice it.

These are the nine tips to enhance your writing skills. Follow these and see a change in your scores.

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