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24 hours may not be enough sometimes to write an excellent essay for assessment. Although it is not impossible to craft an essay in less time. There are some situations when students are asked to write an essay in less than an hour, for example, SATs. With dedicated training, you can write an essay fast and efficiently. Planning is more important than having skills. Even if a skilled person doesn’t make a plan he/she will most probably lag behind a person who is working with proper planning. Students can avail essay help to get their essay written by expert writers because they are credibly fast and eminent.

You may be wondering how the professional essay writers are so quick? Following are some secrets for the fastest way to write an essay:

With the help of quick tips and tricks, you will lead flawlessly. You can use these tips normally and most importantly, remember to manage your time. Make a proper plan to write your essay.

  1. Planning: Management of time is very important to save your time and to be quick in writing your essay. Decide your time limit and accordingly make your schedule by setting time. If you have one hour, then take 5 minutes for brainstorming, 10 minutes for outlining your essay, 10 minutes for introduction, 20 minutes for body paragraphs, 10 minutes for the conclusion and 5 minutes for proofreading and editing. Never forget to revise your paper and checking the overall draft.
  2. Analyze: Read the prompt of your essay carefully and analyze what is the requirement of your topic. In order to be flawless in your essay writing then emphasize in the beginning so that you don’t have to come back forcefully. Brainstorm your ideas with concentration and come up with quick answers. Gather thoughts to write about in your essay. With brainstorming, you will not have trouble during the process.
  3. Stick to the point: While researching the topic, stick to the main point of topic and look for specific information only. Don’t add any irrelevant data just to increase the length of the essay. Moreover, you have less time, so, try to be clear and concise in your words.  
  4. Outline your essay: Spend at least 10 minutes to outline your essay. Break your essay in five paragraphs. First for the introduction and thesis statement, next three for body and last paragraph for the conclusion. Write the main points for everybody paragraph. You can add a quote or any statistical information in the introduction. The thesis statement should comprise all the main points and must clearly give an overview of the whole essay. Just alike thesis statement, in conclusion, the writer has to rephrase the main points. After crafting an outline, you will be left with filling the blank spaces with valuable information.
  5. Revise: After completing your essay, take at least 5 minutes to revise your essay. Look if there is any type of error in grammar, spellings or punctuation. You can avail essay help to get your essay edited and proofread from experts.

If you will learn this fastest way to write an essay, you will easily deal with the tasks under pressure during your SATs. Moreover, it will save your valuable time that you can use in doing any other productive work.

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