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An expository essay aims to expose something in such a way that the audience did not think would be possible. This type of essay is focused on explaining, clarifying, elaborating, or theorizing an idea in a way that is clear to the audience. It can be an evaluation, argumentation or investigation of an idea. Students seek Essay Help for this type of essay due to many unavoidable reasons. In this article, you will learn the root, types and steps for expository essay. 

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What is an expository essay?

An expository essay is a writing for clarification. The primary difference between this type of essay and an argumentative essay is that the tone in former is neutral and in the latter's case the tone highlights the position taken by the author before presenting both sides of an argument. Hence tone could be either neutral or partial.

The purpose of an expository essay is to make the audience aware of things that are highlighted in the essay.     

Types of expository essay

It is paramount to know the different types of expository essays.

1.Causes and effects essay

This type of essay outlines the causes caused by something and then its results and effects are discussed.

2.Problems and solutions essay

All the problems associated with a particular situation or subject are highlighted in this type of essay. Solutions to those problems are also suggested by the writer.

3.Classification essay

Based on predefined criteria of each category, the things are sorted out into different categories which is called classification.

4.Comparison or contrast essay

It focuses on similarities and differences between two objects, events, or notions.

5.Definition essay

They provide an explanation of a complicated subject. It explains the meaning of the subject in deep. More than one definitions may be provided in this type of essay. This is not as easy as other types of expository essays. It requires research skills and students lacking these skills often buy essay help.

6.Process essay

This type of essay is also known as how to do something essay and is used to explain the procedure of doing something.

Steps to write an expository essay

In most cases, students are assigned with a topic by their teachers to write an essay on. However, in many cases students are given with an option to choose a topic on their own. Many students search for online essay writer by experts to rescue from writing task.

Professional writers follow a process of generating hooks for an expository essay. Hooks are- attention grabbing topic and excellent thesis statement written with proficiency. The whole essay hangs on these hooks. Thus it is advisable to every student to choose an appealing topic as well as accurate and precise thesis statement for an expository essay.

The first step is to select a topic- Brainstorm a list of ideas you want to write in your essay. It must be relevant to your topic and then narrow down the list that you feel would be easiest to write and manageable within the word count.

Second step is Organize your ideas- Before you begin with writing your essay, you need to have a clear understanding that which point should be listed in which section.

Third step is to write an outline- An expository essay outlines a road map that guides you throughout the process of essay writing and ensures that you don’t miss the main points.

Include introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion.

Fourth step is filling information- After creating an outline you will be left with just filling the information in different parts. Give a mind-blowing closing shot in the conclusion.