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Do you have time to argue? Even if you say no, doesn’t matter. Willingly or unwillingly, you have to write an argumentative essay. Students can be assigned to writing any type of essay surprisingly anytime. No student wants to submit a badly written essay as it can result in low scores. Also, it is not a method to stare at an absolutely blank page wasting your hours. For many students writing an argumentative essay is no less than a nightmare.
An argumentative essay structure acts as the face of the essay to the readers. If you lack crafting a creative outline, you need to make an attempt for gathering thoughts that comes to your mind. Focus is required to come up with a topic that challenges and interests you. With creating an outline, you will have an action plan.

What is the structure of an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay must be well-researched and well-structured. If you don’t know how to create an argumentative essay structure, you can learn it in this article. It is tough to deal with the lack of inspiration at the starting point. Students spoil their essays due to the absence of ideas and formatting knowledge.

What are the 3 parts of the argumentative essay?

The structure of an argumentative essay is the same as other types of essays. After crafting a structure, it becomes easy for the writer to put the entire information in 3 parts i.e. the introduction, body, and conclusion. It is worth spending time on the outlining of your essay as it becomes easy to figure out which information should be arranged in which part of the essay. Also, an argumentative essay structure makes you work with a proper plan during the whole process of writing your essay.

What are the three main elements of an argument? Generally, an argumentative essay consists of three sections as given the following:

• Introduction: It comprises background information about the topic and a thesis statement with a brief of main points that will be further included in the body.

• Body: In the body, paragraph arguments are created. Also, the opposite position is debunked. It mainly consists of 2-3 paragraphs.

• Conclusion: It is the last paragraph of the essay. The writer needs to restate the main points and arguments with a convincing and impressive ending line.

How to write an argumentative essay’s thesis statement?

A thesis statement is the last portion of an introduction. These sentences put the position of the writer forward and explain how the writer is going to prove his/her opinion.Grab the attention with the introduction Every essay begins with an introduction. The writer provides the topic, the purpose of the topic, and other specifications. An introduction must accomplish the following requirements.

1.Write your introduction in such a way that it tells the target audience, what the essay is about. You can add a hook in the starting lines or can write an effective thesis statement.

2.Explain the prompt of the essay, then start with giving background information about the topic. It is necessary for you to make the readers of your essay, recognize the subject clearly.

3.Craft a strong, impactful and interesting thesis statement. The thesis statement should have a transition with the conclusion of the essay. In an argumentative essay, the writer must provide at least three arguments and hence the hint should be provided in the thesis statement of the introduction. The main claim of the paper should be necessarily added to the thesis.

4.At last, provide a roadmap to the readers. Let the readers understand what to expect in your argumentative essay and don’t confuse roadmap and argumentative essay structure.

How to write the body paragraph of the essay?

The body of an essay is the lengthiest part and to write it rich information and dedication is required. The body of an argumentative essay structure comprises the topic title, arguments, main claims, evidence, citation, counter-arguments, rebuttal, and transition with the closing statement and introduction.
There should be three body paragraphs and the arguments made in each paragraph should be pulled up from the main claim. The first two paragraphs must support the writer’s position of opinion and the third paragraph should debunk the opponent’s position.

How to write the conclusion of an argumentative essay?

The aim of the ending lines is to restate the thesis statement and all the main points as well as arguments. It should also make readers feel a strong connection with their personal lives.

Back up the prompt again in the ending. Analyze the entire essay and write a conclusion that makes readers agree with you completely. It is very essential to condemn the counter-arguments in order to strongly compel the audience with each and every line written by you in the entire argumentative essay.
That’s it with the writing part. Cite and reference every source that was helpful to you. Also, revise the essay after completion and let your essay be free from any kind of mistake. Review the final draft and check if the argumentative essay structure is appropriate.