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Various Tips to Select the Best and Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Usually, students have a lot of writing in their academics that have to be done willingly or unwillingly. Generally, it is seen that middle school students do not face that much pressure as high school students and college students face because they are given difficult and complex essay topics to write on. There are different categories of an essay. If we talk about the argumentative essay, it involves a set of skills to choose a particular topic of an argumentative essay.

For example- it can be like smoking should be banned in a country like India or not?

Are humans responsible for global warming?

So, these can be some of the topics related to an argumentative essay. But, it cannot be denied that there is a need for a certain set of artistry skills. These skills can be:

1. Fact-Finding skills

2. The manuscript that means writing skills

3. Investigative and problem-solving skills

If the students face any of the problems in any above-said skill, then there is definitely a need for online help professional writing skills given by well-established academic writers. It will enhance your conversation and diagnostic skills.


Students may feel good when they are assigned an essay topic by the tutors. They feel a sense of dependability while they receive any kind of argumentative essay topic and start developing ideologies about a particular topic. But, when they sit back to think of any of the interesting argumentative essay topics, they feel more enthusiastic and involved in the academics. Thus, there are chances that they would be writing a good quality essay. The primary sources of finding the interesting argumentative essay topics may involve:

1. Coursebooks

2. Workbooks

3. Docudrama

4. Academic periodicals

5. Magazines

6. Newspapers

7. Daily weekly official reports

Some of the people feel they are expert in a certain field, cite examples from external sources. Also, direct and indirect source material can also be used to support your ideas and arguments. But if you are not sure of any of the writing skill, then it is essential to take online help from varied professional writers or writing agency if one wants to excel in writing interesting argumentative essay topic.


1. Should education be free for the poor community?

2. Why people in several countries like the U.S are getting unfit and obese.

3. Access to the internet should be limited to students or not?

4. Military selection should be done by the young-torchbearers or not?

5. Students should be given the right to opt for any discipline they are interested in?

6. Should the benefits of the educational system be granted to international students in the U.S.?

7. Which are the secondary languages crucial for studying nowadays?

8. Is education is becoming a business nowadays?

9. Is academic grading proving beneficial for fetching good academic grades?

10. Are various medical and educational tests are effective or not?

11. What are the pros and cons of an MBA degree? Are smoking and drugs becoming a curse for a state like Punjab?

12. Should youth be granted all the rights to take their own decisions when they reach the age of maturity?


1. What is the exact liaison between food and weight?

2. What are the bad effects of taking less diet?

3. Should the poor people of the country fight for starvation?

4. Should people improve their sleeping schedules and patterns to boost their health?

5. Is hockey still in demand?

6. Steroid taking should be put to ban and should steroid takers not to be allowed to participate in any of the sports activities?

7. Is swimming helping to lose weight or not?

8. Is swimming, under-water diving dangerous for young children?

Now we will be sharing some of the best and interesting argumentative essay topics on technology-

1. Should video games usage be limited or violent video games proving detrimental for the children nowadays?

2. Are mobile phones becoming a threat to relationships today?

3. The filthy language used in the websites should be checked and fixed or not?

4. Are people becoming blind modern technologies and becoming techno-savvy?

5. Will there be a time when there will be a stoppage in any advancement in technologies?

6. Bad influences of mobile phones

7. The relation between education and technology.

Now let’s dive into the best and interesting argumentative essay topics on social media-

1. Is social media becoming a boon or a bane?

2. Pros and cons of social networking for modern juvenile?

3. Are present-day people too much dependent on technology?

4. Are online relations more reliable than imaginary?

5. Is censorship important or not?

Some of the humorous and interesting argumentative essay topics-

1. Should marijuana be legalized or not?

2. Live-in relationships should be encouraged or not?

3. Graffiti is considered illegal art? Should it be promoted or punished?

4. Should parents be supportive of their children?

5. There is a 2D VS.3D.4D. What is next?

6. Should there be a chip control for humans in real life like it is in superhero movies?

7. Music and calligraphy is art too or not?

8. Artists should be paid high or not?

9. Gothic art should be prioritized and is important the history of mankind?

10. Are today’s music numbers meaningful or logical or not?

11. Is today’s musical lyrics to rank or not?

Some of the valuable tips and ideas for selecting the best and interesting argumentative essay topics are

1. Always pay attention to current issues and rumors and select topic

2. Select a kind of question which is still unanswerable to many people.

3. Chose the people who are against your viewpoint.

4. Discuss the issue which everyone has some kind of saying.

5. Chose a topic which interests you.

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