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Key Points to Write an Exploratory Essay

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There are different types of essays such as argumentative essay, persuasive essay, expository essay, narrative essay, etc. Amongst this, there is also exploratory essays. Never heard of it before? Don’t stress, this blog will help you in understanding the real meaning of exploratory essay.

An exploratory essay is basically defined as an idea or an opinion. It is not written to persuade the reader or to compel them to resonate with you. It’s just authors opinion and is not the only truth. Like a coin has two sides, it is not necessary that the idea presented in an exploratory essay is the only solution to the problem.

Topics can be related to anything. They can be social, they can be related to environment, science, computer science, politics, etc. The main focus of an exploratory essay is its topic. The topic is discussed throughout the essay. The writer can give his or her experience or thoughts about the problems. It is not mandatory to support the thesis presented in the essay. The writer can agree or disagree with the thesis and can also give his or her suggestions or advice to a problem.

Take help from some essay help websites. An exploratory essay discusses or describes a problem, it effects and influence on society, what steps can be taken to solve the problem, or steps to reduce the problem or effect caused by that problem, etc.

Exploratory essays are very different from all the other types of essays. The audience is also different that searches for exploratory essays. These types of essays are used to dig deep in a certain topic rather than overviewing it. Even the audience that searches for this type of essay wants to explore that kind of problem or key aspects of a particular problem.

Let’s discuss how to write and what to write in an exploratory essay:

Introduction – In the introduction, describe the problem you are talking about. Outline the whole problem. You can discuss the reasons or factors that cause that problem. Talk about the people involved in the problem. You can talk about the solutions too but do not rush things and directing try solving the problem. Take a good amount of time to discuss the problem and the reasons due to which it is caused. Even explain why you are talking about it and why it is important to talk about the particular issue.

Body – In the body paragraph, talk about the whole problem in detail. Tell the readers what bought your mind to talk about it or what are the reasons that you selected it. Describe the needs to discuss the topic. Furthermore, report the readers about the sources of your information presented. While framing a problem, you can use examples that can support your opinions or can help you lay emphasis on the problem.

If you are taking the data or content of your essay from a source, then mention the details of the source. Details about the author, his or her name, publisher’s name and other information, type of media, title of the article, date when it was published, etc. Talk about the other things or theories you came across during the research. Give relevancy of each and everything you are discussing, tell the readers why it is relevant and relate your data

Conclusion – Conclusion is like writing the entire thing once again but in a brief manner. In the conclusion you need to restate the problem, its causes, its effects and the way it is impacting the society, why is it important to discuss it? Etc. All this should be rephrased and should also be significant. All the above point should be described once again precisely.

Talk about all these things mentioned above in your essay. You can take essay help from someone or somewhere.

Below are some examples or a list of topics on which you can write an exploratory essay:

  1. How does divorce affects the children?
  2. Should plastic be banned?
  3. Same sex-parents. Their influence on the children.
  4. Can world war III occur?
  5. What is better dictatorship or democracy?
  6. Global Warming – effects and solutions to decrease it
  7. Are human beings becoming a salve to the technology?
  8. Inter - caste marriage – challenges faced? Is it good or bad?
  9. Ways to deal with drug addiction.
  10. Challenges faced if you are adopted.

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