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A Complete Guide to Write a Perfect Resume

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Most of the people nowadays are struggling with writing the perfect resume.

A recent study known as Top Resume study founded that only 24% of professionals call themselves “confident in their resume- writing ability”.

Hence, you can say that 76% of people do not feel secure about their resumes as well as their resume writing skills.

No matter whether you are searching how to write a good resume or you are thinking of hiring a professional service, it is crucial that you take out some time to prepare your resume or to rewrite your resume if you have already prepared it.

In order to craft a powerful and effective resume, grasp the following details which can help you in telling your story effectively as well as marketing your qualifications to assist you to get your dream job.

  1. Information related to your contact

Though this section is obvious there are some factors that you need to consider. For example, how your name will be displayed in the resume?

Do you want to use your nickname or full name?

Whichever way you choose to display your name, make sure that the same way is used in all other personal branding materials like business cards, online portfolio, social media profiles, or blog

Make sure that you select one phone number and one email address that is to be included in the resume. It is suggested to use an email address that is dedicated to the activities related to your job search.

  1. Presence on online platforms

A social recruiting survey called Jobvite founded that 93% of the recruiters search for a candidate on online platforms before they can actually invite them for an interview. Save their time by including the URL to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile in your resume. Make sure that you add that URL which is pertinent to your work like your personal blog, website, or portfolio. If social media is also included in your work, you can add links to your social media accounts too.

  1. Identify the sample job descriptions

Your resume should be tailored to support a particular job objective. If you want to make sure that your resume is appropriately positioned, you have to recognize the sample job descriptions that you might be interested in and also have the required qualifications to perform.

Engage yourself in online searching and then collect some job postings that signify the type of position that you are targeting. The location should not matter in this case, you only have to look for job descriptions and requirements.

Copy and paste the writing of the description either into a Google document or Word document. After that highlight the requirements and skills that you possess. It will be then easier for you to showcase your skills and qualifications in the entire resume.

  1. Previous career history

If you have been working in the organization for a longer period of time, there are chances that only a few positions of the earlier section are left. While writing your resume, create a list and mention all the job designations that you held, the name of each employer that you have worked for, locations of all the organizations you have worked in, and the dates of employment for all the job titles. It is always good to have a record of your previous jobs.

  1. Volunteer work

When you are trying to change your career, it is important to fill the employment gap and to increase your work history. Skills-based volunteering is a great way to do it. Make sure that you have listed all your volunteer works that are related to the current job that you are looking for in a chronological order. You can also mention the campus activities that you were active in.

If you ever worked for a non- profit organization, it is suggested to include your contributions to the organization, years of involvement, job titles, the name of the organization in the resume.

  1. Skills related to language

Language can act as an effective selling point on your resume. Make a list of each language that you speak if, you are multilingual. Also, mention the level of proficiency.

  1. Feedback from third parties

If you have received a great performance review or positive customer testimonials, don’t forget to include this information in your review. This way the recruiter will get familiarized with your hard and soft skills in the organization.

For some people, all these things may seem hard and this may feel a lot of work to them, but taking out some time to invest in crafting your resume could help you a lot in the future.

Don’t forget- a perfect resume is always within the reach.

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