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Procedure of How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is one of the most difficult and complicated type of essay that the students have to write. An argumentative essay is a kind of controversial essay which is based on certain arguments and counter opinions for justifying and defending your point of view. For example- there is an essay on which you have to justify your viewpoints like global warming is caused by human beings. Thus, if you agree with the statement, you will have to give your justifications in the favor of the topic or vice versa. Students need to be sure about the justifications and evidences as these evidences sway the reader to adapt your perception of the idea.

Here it will be explained now how to write an argumentative essay outline

Whenever you are going to write an argumentative essay, you must know the importance of creating a proper outline of the essay. By crafting an outline first, you will surely save a lot of your time while writing the essay. Drafting an outline of the argumentative essay is not really a difficult task as it is just like you are making an outline of a normal academic essay outline.

Basically, an ideal outline comprises of five parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. First body paragraph
  3. Second body paragraph
  4. Third body paragraph
  5. Conclusion of the essay

It should be noted that the number and series of body paragraphs can be increased according to the topic of the essay.

Let’s discuss in brief the footsteps to write an argumentative essay

  1. Introduction of the argumentative essay- The introduction of an argumentative essay should be started with a hook. The hook of the essay means giving a strong angle to the essay. It can be a quote by the famous personality, statistical figure, etc. It will highlight the major notions of the complete essay. The second thing that has to be taken in account is the backdrop of the details of the topic like history of the issue, the previous facts intertwined to that topic. Then, you have to state the thesis of an essay, which means taking your stand for the essay. Also, you need to consider which information is least important to include. Do not include any unwanted information in the introduction of the essay.
  2. First body paragraph- After giving the introduction of the essay, you jump to the first body paragraph. In this, you have to write the main reasons why you took a particular stand for the essay. Also, you will have to assert some examples and evidences to make your point strong. The first body paragraph will be resumed by inserting a topic sentence first then you will have to give an explanation of your topic sentence. Evidences are very crucial to be stated along with this material. Make sure your evidences make sense to the topic.
  3. Second body paragraph - Writing the second body paragraph is only a detailed description of your viewpoints. This will make the stand of your essay stronger and more justified. But it is very important that the sentences you are adding in the body paragraph is making your thesis point strong.
  4. Third body paragraph- The third body paragraph can consist of acknowledging the opponent’s viewpoints and refuting the statements given by the opponent to make the student’s point more justified and stronger. If the controversies and clashes given by the students
     to refute the idea of opponent is promising and convincing, the reader will definitely be persuaded by student’s viewpoint and adapt his/her ideology.
  5. Conclusion- The conclusion of the essay is equally important to the conclusion of the essay. The writer will have to make sure if the closing lines or the conclusion of the essay is fortifying the whole idea of the essay. It should be notified that writing a strong conclusion of the essay will help you in fetching good grades for an essay. The writer can also include some suggestions for the topic like what can be done to solve the particular problem.

Now let’s see what are the key elements needed to write an argumentative essay

  1. Organizing the ideas and focus on the main idea- The most important strategy to follow while framing out an argumentative essay is organizing the ideas of the essay. There should not be any mismanagement of the ideas. It will totally make student’s idea of the essay absurd and illogical. Usually, students get off the track while writing an argumentative essay. Focusing on the main idea of the concept is very crucial.
  2. Explanation and analysis- When the students will be writing an argumentative essay, it is very important to give the accurate description of the topic and it is apparent to give the supporting examples and inferences to support and strengthen student’s explanation. When providing the explanation, analyzing the facts and figures should be done. Only the relevant facts and figures will fortify student’s viewpoint of the topic.
  3. Evidences and proofs- The proofs and instances should be accurate and relevant as including them in the essay will definitely fetch you more marks.
  4. Replying to a counterargument- This is the most important thing to do to refute a counterargument made by the opposite party. If the students will not refute back the arguments given by the counterparty, then whole of the writing will become pointless.

To conclude, it can be deduced that writing an effective argumentative essay includes a several set of elements to be followed. These elements will definitely make your content strong enough and worth winning.