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Australian Stock Exchange is located at the heart of globally attractive and liquid financial market of Australia that further help the enterprises to grow and investors as well to build excellent wealth. Australian Stock Exchange provide proper listing, technology, trade execution, post trade services as well as related data. ASX offers data and technology related services to the intermediaries such as software developers, banks, and information providers to make them eligible to take informed business decisions. This stock exchange offer stock exchange related services to its customers and also connect with them with one another. The vision of ASX is to be world’s most respected financial marketplace. The key strategy followed by ASX includes- implementation of ecosystem, enforcing the implementation of innovative solution. It also endures trust, resilience and integrity to better manage funds of the organization.


Working capital of a business is used in its routine business trading operations and also calculated and evaluated in context with current assets subtracted by the current liabilities of the enterprise. The working capital of the organization is highly natters for investors because it helps in the detailed evaluation of company’s health. The main reason due to which the investors prefers to consider the working capital of the organization is that it has been seen most of the time that even profitable enterprises failed to manage their working capital in a better way and this enforces the investor to change his decision and viewpoint at significant rate. It has been analyzed that the working capital of the organization should be positive else the enterprises might prone to several financial risks and liabilities. There are different ways to manage the working capital of the organization to positively influence the key decision of investors.

In order to better manage the working capital of the organization positively, the enterprise and corresponding executives should pay their suppliers on time with required price negotiation. The organization should be careful in managing its expenses especially the additional expenses very carefully so that these expenses do not harm the financial reputation of the organization. The executives of the organization should carefully watch their stock in order to refill it immediately as per the need raises so that the routine business processes of the organization do not affect negatively. The higher authorities of the organization should consider introducing the concept of e-procurement in order to reduce the cost of required raw materials for the successful completion of different business operations of the organization.


It has been researched that in Australia, there are lots of legal constraints as well as obligations for the executives, directors and secretaries of companies publicly listed under the “Corporation Act and ASX Listing Rules”. MS Bowering would be eligible to receive around 1,500,000 fully paid ordinary shares in NSX ltd. ASX was highly committed with non-discriminatory pricing in the code of practice for clearing as well as settlement of cash equities in Australia. Under similar code, the specified stock exchange developed cots allocation as well as transmission of pricing policy. This significantly defines the appropriate methodology that has been used by ASX for the appropriate allocation of revenue, common shared costs, directly attributed costs and capital as well that directly relate with the clearing as well as settlement of Australia’s cash equities.

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The operating revenue of ASX for year 2018 was near about $424.7 million whereas the operating expenses were near about $105.2 million. The depreciation and amortization rate were 22.1 and the interest rate & revenue was around 54.9. The earnings before interest, tax, depreciation & amortization was 319.5 and the underlying profit after tax was around $246.1 million in year 2018. The underlying earnings per share were around 127.1 for year 2018. In context to dividend related details of Australian stock exchange, it has been researched that the interim 2018 dividend per share was around 107 cents per share for year 2018 whereas the final dividend per share was determined as 109.1 cents per share for the similar year. Net tangible assets per security for 30th June, 2018 was around $7.79.

Through article’s key findings, it could be summarized that an enterprise that wish to list securities on the Australian Stock Exchange should be from one of these categories i.e. general admission, debt issuer and foreign exempt. There are several advantages and benefits of getting listed on Australian stock exchange such raised capital value from wider market for business expansion, fund acquisition and acquire new businesses etc. Moreover, this also provides high means of increasing the diversity of security holders.

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