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What is Negotiation?

Negotiation is a process that involves the activities that help in resolving various kinds of differences by organizing discussions between the involved parties to reach out to a consensus. Negotiations may happen at any point of time during a project life cycle, may be multiple times during each phase. It may either be formal or informal in nature. The formal negotiation involves issues related to the agreement of the contraction whereas the informal negotiations involve discussions to resolve conflicts between the team members.

There are two main classifications of negotiations: Competitive and Collaborative

Competitive Negotiation: In competitive negotiation, the strategy is to treat the process as a competition that is won or lost. This type of negotiation is also known as distributive, positional or hard-bargaining negotiation.

Collaborative Negotiation: In a collaborative competition., the approach is to treat the relationship as an important and valuable component while seeking a justifiable and fair agreement. This type of negotiation is also known as constructive, principled and interest based negotiation.

Negotiation and Conflict

Negotiating is considered to be a useful strategy to deal with the conflicts that occur in the project. Yes, it is true that the conflict cannot be avoided completely, being able to negotiate your way around it is a handy skill.

Conflict often has the ability to bring a project to an unending stop. If you have the capabilities to win over the people and defuse the situation by the creation of a positive outcome, then what will help in your project to continue.

Negotiation is a useful skill and has a less transactional role for instance when you are communicating between two team members or trying to create a common ground for requirements when the investors disagree about what the project must deliver.

Improving your Negotiation Skills

So, let’s find out how will you improve your negotiation skills? Negotiating is something that you probably do every day, thus, it is not that difficult to find moments to focus on doing it better. Following are the tips that you must think about:

  1. Practice

The first thing that must be done is to practice a lot. Make a note at the time of negotiating- you would probably do it more than you actually think. Observe, how you tackle with a negotiating situation, how you feel and what better could be there the next time.

  1. Get Prepared

Another thing that must be kept in mind is to spend some time to prepare for the negotiation. If you know that you are meeting a supplier, think about what might be in it for them and what you want as a result out of it.

Be sure about the outcomes- Brilliant, OK and unacceptable

This will help you to go into a confident discussion and also known as to how you want to end the conversation. Thus, it is very important to stay open to their points.

  1. Allow Enough Time

You need to know that negotiations are often ongoing. It is not like, by conducting a meet, all the things will be sorted. For the large contracts, there would be several meetings conducted with the vendor and the legal team that will ensure that everything is documented effectively, to the satisfaction of both parties.

These are the effective points that will help you to work on project negotiations and conflicts.

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