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The article is formulated to analyze the number of merits and demerits of conducting the business online. With the advancement in technology, the number of requirements of customers has also been increased and this can only be achieved or fulfilled by integrating advanced trends in the organization (Bickerton, 2014). There are a number of benefits of conducting the business online more revenues can be generated from the number of diverse customers. Instead of having so many benefits there are a number of demerits of this type of business, this research includes both the merits and demerits of conducting business online.

Benefits of Online business

 Following are the number of benefits provided by type of business (Bickerton, 2014):

  1. Low costing: this type of business is a low-cost business, the storing an estimated cost can be lowered with the implementation of this type of business. The information that is available the on-line the ageless and instant advertisement of business can be done with the help of this type of technology, more number of customers can be retained with the implementation of online advertisement system and this can be easily be done in case of online business.
  2. Blogging: blogging is another benefits of this type of business, blogging help to keep the log of the recent trends or affairs in the market and this type of business can be done only on the basis of this type of technology. There are a number of Search engine tools that can be used to promote the online business (Ifinedo, 2011).

Demerits of online business

Data breaches and cyber-attacks: with the growth of networks or technology the number of issues related to advanced technologies has also been increased. The network attacks are one of the most challenging threats in this type of business. The sensitive information of the organization can be breached if any kind of attack occurs.  This type of attack can affect the overall image of the organization and customer satisfaction also get affected by these types of attacks. So, it is the responsibility of higher authority to use the technique that can be helpful for reducing these types of attacks


 There are a number of remedies that can be used by the number of organization that conduct online business with the implementation of which the harmful impact of data breaches and network attacks can be reduced:

  1. Usage of authentication and authorizations: The authorization role can be provided to the number of stakeholders that are involved in this type of business so that the number of data breaches can be reduced and it is the responsibility of higher authority to manage the number of implications related to authorization and authentication in the organization is that data breaches can be reduced (Mahfouz, Muslukhov and Beznosov, 2016)
  2. Usage of firewall: the unwanted users or data can be filtered with the help of firewall authentication and number of credentials can be assigned to the users and after validating the credentials the users can access the number of services related system this will help to reduce the number of breaches related to sensitive data(IJSR, 2017).
  3. Usage of intrusion detection system: These types of system can be used online business so that number of intrusion in the network cab prevented and detected forts so that the harmful impact of intrusion can be reduced( Shi and Zhang, 2013).
  4. Usage of machine learning and artificial intelligences techniques to detect the attacks: With the usage of machine learning approaches proactive system can be developed that help to predict the number attacks and more powerful system can be developed that help to prevent or detect the number of data breaches that can affect the overall sensitivity of data (Chora and Kozik, 2014).


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