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Tips to Write an Impeccable Argumentative Essay Introduction

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Why Argumentative Essay Introduction is Important?

For many students, argumentative is a difficult topic and writing an argumentative essay is a daunting task for them. An argumentative essay requires research skill and rigorous documentation. A good argumentative essay includes prevalent grammar, spelling and expressive writing. To make your essay flawless one must gather enough information during the research phase. You might be asked to write an essay for a topic related to gender stereotypes, discriminations in caste or more interpretive. Students buy essay to see an argumentative essay introduction example or whole essay to see an example, written by expert essay writers.

While writing an essay you also have to emphasize to meet the word count. If you will learn to write an argumentative essay once, your whole semester will go smoothly.

Three stages to write an essay are

Prewriting stage:

In this stage one prepares to write the essay.

  1. First, decide your topic or start working on the topic assigned by your teacher. Start with a good prompt that you will be answering in your essay.
  2. Ask a question to your readers in your essay. You can ask your professor for assistance in deciding a good topic and prompt. Be ascertain that you follow all the instructions provided by your teacher. You can see argumentative essay introduction example online to learn how it is written by online essay writers. There are many examples available online that can help you in writing your essay.
  3. Research the selected topic and gather information for writing your argumentative essay. Raise arguments and collect evidence to support every argument. You can use statistics and research work already done by other authors.
  4. Read the collected data thoroughly and then retain the important points and information. Use reliable sources only to get information and you can go to the library to get material for your essay from books.
  5. Use the notes that you took during your lectures. The detailed notes are one of the most helpful sources comprising rich information. Concepts that you have been taught in your class are assigned to write an essay for. You can view argumentative essay introduction examples written by you during your lectures to see how your teacher taught you to present an argument.  If you have an understanding about the concept you are one step closer to write an impeccable essay.
  6. Organize your data to express it in the form of valuable information. With the proper organization, you can write your essay efficiently and can save you a great time. Also, keep all the objects like pen, pencil, notebook, laptop, notes, etc. with you that you may require while writing your essay. Decide your work area in which you can work peacefully, without any kind of disturbance and distraction.

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Writing stage:

As suggested by the name you can see that in this stage writer begins with the writing process of the essay.

  1. At the first place formulate the thesis statement of the essay. It is an important part of the argumentative essay introduction. Tell the readers about which topic you are going to write about. Turn your question in a declarative statement to relay information to your readers.
  2. Your thesis statement should be debatable and interesting. Also, the thesis statement should be tightly focused on the topic of your essay.
  3. Add the main point of your essay in the thesis statement and keep the argumentative essay introduction short to keep a room for further discussion.
  4. Create an outline for your paper and make sure that every part of your essay is in accordance with the thesis statement.
  5. The argumentative essay introduction is the hardest part to start with for many students. Once it is out of your way, you will feel relaxed. You can use a quote in your introduction. Before you write your body paragraphs you should write a conclusion. This will help you to stay on the perfect path from the introduction to the conclusion. 
  6. A main argument and evidence in support of that argument should be present in every body paragraph. You have to create transitions in every paragraph of your essay using appropriate transition words and writing skills. There should be a connection among argumentative essay introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion.
  7. Cite all the sources from which you took direct information in your essay.

Post writing stage:

After completing your essay you are still left with some steps.

  1. Polish your essay by reading it and editing any inappropriate line.
  2. Use spell checks to find if all the spellings are right. Detect if any word is misspelled and correct it to save yourself from losing marks.
  3. Edit carefully or you can get assistance from expert argumentative essay writer online.
  4. Ask your friend or siblings to read your essay and ask them for feedback.
  5. Review the guidelines and double check if you are meeting all the guidelines.

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