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In this report, the critical review of selected articles is done. The articles are selected from past three years and should be publicly available. The articles should be relevant to newspaper article. Following are the online newspapers and the links for article selection:

The age

The age is a daily newspaper which has been published in Melbourne, Australia since 2854. The age had an average weekday circulation of 88,000 which is continuously increasing. The age owned and published by the Nine entertainments and primarily serves Victoria. It is delivered in both online formats and hardcopy. The newspaper also shares many of the articles with the FairFax media.

You can visit the link For selecting article in this particular newspaper.

Herald Sun

Herald sun is a morning newspaper based on Melbourne, Australia and is published by the herald and weekly times which is a subsidiary of the news crop Australia. The herald sun primarily servers in Victoria and also shares a number of articles with other newspapers in Australia. It is also available for the purchase in Tasmania which is Australian capital territory.

You can visit the link For selecting article in this particular newspaper.

Transport and logistic news

Transport and logistic news is the news website which include different article related to the transport and logistics. It also includes number of technological innovations being adopted by the logistics and transport industry.

You can visit the link For selecting article in this particular newspaper.

Australian manufacturing

Australian manufacturing news is a news website which provides information related to the innovations in manufacturing field. It includes news related to the developments in manufacturing, energy, environment, products, resources, smart manufacturing, and automobile industry.

You can visit the link selecting article in this particular newspaper.

After the selection of the article from the above listed news website, there is a need to define the main argument of the article and also refining the key points, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the article.

The critical review includes the author or the editor of publication and detailed critique of the article. The opinions from the selected article should also be justifiable along with the references. The critical analysis should include 7 references and citations from authors to academic literature.

Example of critical review  

The article is selected from Australian manufacturing news entitled “construction and mining the next frontier of robotics adoption”. The main key point of the article describes that for the robots to operate in the hostile, challenging as well as unsafe environments without the assistance of human being, the key benefits will be OEMs who select to adopt the navigation providing operating system for the third-party providers.  

Key points of the article  

In the past, for heavy industry related locations such as mines, the robots were controlled by the teleoperation and navigate autonomously across the uneven terrain.
Advanced mobility enables the autonomous navigation that empower the robotics vendors in the construction sector.

Strengths of the article
The article is beneficial to define the new advancements in the technology of robotics.

Weaknesses of the article
The article is limited in defining the background of the robots and its innovation in the logistic sector.

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