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Today, our society is facing rising level of environmental concerns. The manufacturing process has become more environmentally conscious ad companies are trying to adopt sustainable manufacturing practices for their products. Sustainable manufacturing is the process that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the capability of the future generations to meet their needs. The report under discussion is all about the Industrial Energy Systems in which the most significant energy using processes are being discussed for the manufacturing of different food products. Along with this, Sankey diagram is used for showing main flows of the energy and lastly the suitability of renewable energy technologies is discussed with ways to reduce cost of energy use.  

Five most significant energy using processes

For the manufacturing of food products like cheese, biscuits, ready meals, etc., there are number of energy using processes that are used for its manufacturing. The energy is used for heating, cooling, mixing, cooking, cleaning, baking, refrigeration, etc. The energy inputs for the processed and preserved foods are substantial. For example, for the preparation of 1kg of loaf of white bread, 77% of the energy is mainly used in the processing, 13% of the energy is used for milling and 64% of the energy is mainly used for baking of the bread. Similarly, for the manufacturing of other similar products, the quantity of energy required differ significantly.

Sankey Diagram

Sankey diagram is basically an energy audit tool that shows the main energy conversions that take place with efficiencies, such as chemical energy into thermal energy. The diagram is ideal for visually representation the balance between energy sources. In comparison to traditional pie or bar charts, this diagram is more suitable for visualizing the energy flow in the manufacturing of the product. They are helpful in locating the usage and loss of energy during a particular process. It shows the conserved quantities within the defined system boundaries.

Renewable energy technologies and cost reduction methods

Preparation of food is one of the main energy needs of the manufacturing units and households toady. There are number of renewable energy technologies used for the manufacturing of food. For example, solid biomass stoves are more energy efficient and could help in reducing indoor pollution. Next is the biogas stoves that are used for cooking and baking of products. Another energy efficient technology is the solar cooker which uses the radiation of the sun to heat to boil the food. This technology could be used best when there is high level of sunlight is expected.

Along with this, the cost of the organization’s energy use could be reduced by developing an energy management team along with conducting an energy audit. Along with this, the organization could strategically schedule the use of machinery and optimizes the air compressors.

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