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Assignment of Portfolio Article analysis is the task, in which every student has to evaluate two articles from newspaper and conduct the tutorial discussion. Two articles must be submitted on two different weeks. The learning objective of this assignment is to identify the implications of marketing practices performed for a particular event or incident explained in the article. 

The article chosen must be published in the last couple of weeks in any newspaper in Australia. The article for week 4 submission must be chosen from articles published between 18th March to 31st March 2019 on online platforms. The article for week 6 submission must be published between 8th April to 19th April 2019. The assignment file must also include a copy of the full article as an attachment in the pdf format. The student is also required to add the reference created by the website URL of the article in the main document file.

The word limit for the assignment is 600 words and it must address three questions which are as follows:

  • What the major issues demonstrated in the chosen article?
  • Who are the main stakeholders in the article, which get affected by the issue?
  • What is the marketing perspective of the issue risen in the article and its impact on stakeholders?

The assignment has a weight of 10% for a total and 20% marks for a unit.  Week 1 and week 2 are provided for the discussion on samples of articles to be chosen and discuss in the assignment. The student must be well prepared to discuss the article deeply in the tutorial classes of week 4 and 6. The online/ distance or flex students are required to discuss their assignment in the respective forum of week 4 and 6.

The assignment having plagiarism of 25% or more in ‘Turnitin’ would be checked by the marker and unit coordinator to identify the problem. If the ‘Turnitin’ report shows the similar sore the assignment will be forwarded to an appropriate authority or office.

Assignment criteria:

  • The Descriptive text of the total document must be of 5%.
  • The reflective analysis must constitute 85% of the assignment.
  • The writing style has a weight of 10% in the total assignment.

The student could see the detailed assignment 1 marking rubric. The evaluation of an article will be graded out of 100% maximum and it will be reduced to marks out of 10. Two assignment will be evaluated for 20 marks (10 * 2 = 20).

If the word limit has been exceeded from 600, the student must be penalized for 1% mark out of the total obtained for every 100 words over 600 words).

If the assignment is submitted after the submission date, the student will be penalized for 5% of marks obtained for per day exceeding the submission date.


The checklist for submission of Assignment 1a and 1b are as follows:

  • The final document of an Assignment must have a cover page having the name of student and ID.
  • The line spacing of the document must be of 1.5.
  • The font style must be Times New Roman and size should be 12.

The accepted format of the file is .doc and .docx.

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