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Assignment-2 Enterprise Planning And Implementation

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Report overview  

This is a follow up of first assignment because the CTO has approved the analysis done in previous assignment and now allocate a task to provide a professional report on the implementation of similar project. In this report, a detailed discussion is going to be made on customer journey by focusing on some key personas of corresponding project stakeholders. Then a short discussion is made on information & technology architecture along with the governance and methodologies that will be applied on this project. At last, the critical success factors of the project are discussed in detail along with the impact of implementation of project in the respective insurance organization.

Customer journey

The customer journey can better analyse with the help of customer journey map that work on four different aspects i.e. actions, motivations, questions and obstacles in the following manner-

• Actions: This phase of customer journey map include the details about what customer does at each stage of product purchasing by hearing it about through personal visit in the store and their reviews on official web page of the organization.
• Motivation: This section includes the strategy that imposed by the insurance organization to motivate their customers to move towards next stage of opting insurance services.
• Questions: Here, the executives can question themselves that where do the customers will get hung up and could their uncertainties enforce them to give up and find another alternative.
• Obstacles: This is the last phase of customer’s journey that include the details about major obstacles that customers confront at each stage of their service opting.

Information architecture

Information architecture is considered as a structural design of shared information environments. This architecture was found by Richard Saul Wurman and is a collaborative form of shared information environments. This framework is an impressive collaboration of labelling, organization, searching and navigation systems within different intranets and websites.

Technology architecture

This architecture refers as a set of guidelines and standards that need to be met by an organization for corresponding IT infrastructure. This architecture will provide a clear set of idea that what to follow and what to ignore while working as per newly defined information architecture. Technical team has great influence on this architecture because they are responsible to handle each and all type of queries related with the functionality of this architecture.

Critical success factors of the project

• Timely achievement of centralized business goals and objectives.
• Effective management of project scope and end deliverables
• Clearly defined and developed business plans with assigned accountabilities and responsibilities
• Cultivation of constant and effective team communication to aware customers about organization’s insurance services.
• Full support of management for the implementation of each innovative decision and strategy.  

Discussion of change management strategies

• The organization need to change the way of assigning roles and responsibilities to its team members and should assigning these responsibilities as per RACI matrix.
• The organization should recruit champions of change and also shift the burden of change to get better end outcomes.
• The organization should think about redefining the cultural values to enjoy the benefits of AI and machine learning technology in their insurance business.

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