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Learning is not an easy task, but it is not resistible either. Learning is something that helps you grow continuously. If what you want is to become a continuous learner, read the following tips, which you must follow to be the learner you wish to be. But do not forget that health also influences the ability to learn, so exercise, sleep and eat properly, in addition to having fun with what you learn.


  1. Find and then determine your style and method of learning. Look for the learning techniques that are most effective for you, because they vary according to each person.
  2. Discover what your great talents, abilities and interests are.
  3. Investigate varied topics, not to lock yourself in the belief that you are only good at a few things, in a single area. It is possible that you have several talents hidden, that you still do not know.
  4. Be careful with prejudices for your past experiences that were not very satisfactory, which can close you the opportunities to know them better and discover great things.
  5. As you grow, you will develop more experience, coordination, responsiveness and confidence to develop an activity that you previously had trouble learning, so do not close the door to any learning.
  6. Look at learning as an opportunity, not as an obligation. Do not force yourself to learn certain subjects because you think they are necessary or important.
  7. Even when you are learning about topics that you should know, either because of your work or to understand and study something you want, try to go beyond what you are being asked to learn.
  8. Learn the basics so that you can see it as routine, but you will be able to remember, connect and understand all kinds of complicated topics through the blocks of knowledge that you create in your head.
  9. Learn basic concepts through didactic aids such as hobbies and knowledge games.
  10. If you think that mathematics is a complex and unintuitive "thing" you can look for topics where you put them into practice for your desired application. It is difficult to understand the reason for being of a calculation problem if you do not know what its use is in the day-to-day world.
  11. Read, read more and read again. Reading is a gateway to other worlds and the minds of others. Through reading, if you wish, you will never stop learning, and you will be surprised by the creativity and intelligence that you will acquire. Reading will help you learn from the discoveries and mistakes of other people, to be more accurate.
  12. Read all kinds of books. Because you're in love with reading science fiction books does not mean you cannot read detective novels. Do not limit yourself to what you already know.
  13. Recognize the educational value of what you read. Each category of reading has its beauty.
  14. Expand your definition of learning. Investigate multiple intelligences and their theory if you do not know it yet. Reflect and consider how you can fit in, and where you can improve.
  15. Improve your existing skills, take them to the next level and become a teacher.
  16. At the same time, you try new things, whether or not they are within your core abilities and interests.
  17. Be creative. Not all learning is in the external environment that surrounds you. The learning you get when you create or formulate something for yourself is incalculable.
  18. Observe Look more closely at the world, and examine both every day and the unusual that happens around you. Also, look at the world from different levels and perspectives, most likely, you will find other people who are learning the same subjects as you so that you can compare your learning concerning them.
  19. Take classes and learn, both formally and informally. No matter how self-taught and researcher you are, some topics should be learned with the help of a teacher, who can explain.
  20. Ask one and a thousand times, if necessary. Asking the right questions at the right time may be more important than having assumptions about the possible answer. This way, almost everyone can become a teacher, being open to admit that they need help on a topic. Make sure you understand the answer or ask to be explained again.
  21. Sometimes the answer may be difficult to understand the first time, so never hesitate to take notes, to break down the answer to find meaning or ask more questions.
  22. Take your notes in a diary or the notebook of your mobile or computer so that you have a record of what you learn, and in that way, you can consult what you learned easily.
  23. Put into practice everything you have learned. That will help you discover the level of knowledge you have achieved so far in your learning.
  24. Teach others who want to know what you have learned. Teaching is an excellent way to learn more and simultaneously improve your understanding of the subject matter, but careful not to become a known, seeing you have more knowledge than others on certain topics.


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