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Blockchain in Mobile Cellular Networks

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Block chain is a method of sharing information in an anonymous, discrete and secure way over the internet. It uses various encryptions methods to protect the data from the intruders by using various algorithms so that only the sender or receiver should be able to access the data. Block chains works in such a way that each of the bits of data are having pervious bits of data, this helps Blockchains to be unmodifiable by hackers.

For Mobile Cellular Networks, Blockchain is required for providing the effective security to data because all of the features of mobiles are mostly wireless based technologies. Breaching of the security system becomes very easy for the intruders, Because of the technology and secure methods provided by the blockchains this can be overcomes by the use of digital signatures of application to ensure validity of the applications.

Without the use of Blockchains, the microtransactions and payments for the paid apps virtually becomes impossible. This creates major concerns for both the developers of the application and consumers. Because of that, blockchains is implemented in to cellular networks for increasing security in the system and reduce the cost of authenticating methods.

For the current cellular system, blockchains can helps to overcomes the limitations that are providing by the current generation of the data network 4G. In case of 5G service, blockchain can provide various advantages over its previous generations like providing more security, flexibility, faster bandwidth etc. Its environment can be adapted easily by the user wanted which like to have services like enabling suitable functions at a particular location.

Many companies which has large number of daily visitors like Facebook etc., enables the company to directly run the blockchain process simultaneously by providing a consumer a platform where it can create, post and delete the contact according to their leisure. Blockchains also provides wireless based technologies like cloud computing and dynamic sharing. In cloud computing, the user’s data is stored elsewhere on a cloud device like a remote server. So, blockchains provides data to be encrypted and secured so that it cannot be access by the any hackers or intruders.

Dynamic sharing by the blockchains provides various sharing features including verification of users, various forms of online transactions, and connections of roaming department. Various protocols like authorisation protocols are used in the cellular network to restrict any unauthorised access to intruders or hackers. By the use of Blockchains in the cellular network, the connection of the network can be easily shared in a secured environment by using secured and encrypted portable hotspots for sharing of the data.

Various payments methods on the mobile market like, Paytm, payment Sapp, PayPal all requires and implemented on blockchain process because without any security measures in the connections between the vendor and consumers, the probability of losing payments information is very high. Another feature of using Blockchains is that all of the data and information can be easily fetched from the source for record keep to protect from identity theft and other frauds.

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