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CAD Software: Introduction and Uses

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What is CAD?

CAD is the Computer Aided Design that is used in computer systems to aid in the creation, modifications, analysis or optimization of the design. CAD software helps in increasing the efficiency of the designer, enhancing the design quality, improving communications through documentation and creating data bases for manufacturing.

The use of CAD software in designing electronic systems is known as the Electronic Design Automation (EDA). In mechanical design, it is known as Mechanical Design Automation (MDA) or Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).

CAD is considered an important industrial art that is widely used in many different applications, including automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace industries, industrial and architectural design and many more. CAD is extensively used in producing computer animation for giving special effects in movies, commercials, and other technical manuals. These are often known as DCC (Digital Content Creation).

Uses of CAD Software

CAD software is basically linked with technical disciplines like engineering and architecture. Nowadays, CAD software programs are readily available at affordable, customer friendly pricing.

Following are some of the uses of CAD software:

  1. 3D Printing

Woodwork is not the only area for the DIY builders. If you already have an at-home printer, you get creative with what you need. Remember the automotive pieces, replacements of the broken knobs, or other creative pieces like jewelry, customized storage and much more.

  1. Building Furniture

Your home might be a perfect place to live in. But, still, you will not be satisfied as you won’t find a suitable place to sit back and drink coffee. Woodworking is one of the most popular activities that gives a kind of stimulation to the technologies, CAD being a part of these technologies. There are many online platforms that offer design inspiration for you to take advantage of. This helps you to build exactly what you are imagining.

  1. Architecture

Whenever you think of CAD, architecture, and engineering fields are the ones that strike into your mind immediately. CAD helps you to clearly see whatever best fits in your existing home if there is space to be added or not. It also helps in laying out the exact way you want to go about, without forgetting technical parts electrical and plumbing.

Have a look at the Benefits of CAD

There are loads of benefits of using CAD software.

  • Increases Throughput

CAD software allows the designers to reduce the costs of production, work faster and smartly, this ultimately leads to timely completion of the project. As the designers get a chance to work effectively, companies are able to keep their teams small. With this, the organization produces high quality and low cost products.

  • Reuse and Alter the Designs Easily

CAD is often used in the fashion design industry. The designers get a chance to create clothes and find out the way they would fit on the virtual models. If in any case, there is a need to alter or modify the design, it can easily be done with the use of CAD.

  • Easier to Read

The main problem that is faced by the designers is that they are not able to rightly communicate with the help of the drawings. But, with the use of CAD drawings the vision of the designers is clear and can be read easily.

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