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Sussan Fashions is a fashion retailing company established in Australia. The company is providing a wide range of women in fashion. The major feature of this company is it is owned by a woman, operated by women and it is working to provide assistance and services to women. Thus, business strategies are formulated to understand the preferences and needs of women and satisfy their taste and requirement. In this assignment, the technological forces of the external environment will be analyzed that influence training and learning program of the company.

Organizational Contextual Information

Sussan Fashions is working to provide a wide range of clothing fashion to the company. it requires designing, marketing and retailing of the fashion products manufactured by the company. The company overall has the human resource strength of 136000 workings in its 70 offline stores and for the online portal of the company. To manage the huge base of human resource a company has established a Human Resource Management department which working for development and improvement of human resource by designing various training and development programs.

Technological Forces Influencing Learning and Training

With the advancement of Information Technology, the new innovations and technologies are formulated every day, which also influence the business operations. The Australian economy is rapidly moving towards high innovations and encouraging digital platform for almost all the activities and day to day needs. The technological development provides the opportunities to the business organizations along with it also imposes some threats. Sussan Fashions has acquired and implemented various technologies in its operations that influence the training and technical learning process of employees of the company. some of the implemented technologies are as follows:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are being used to improve the operations of Sussan fashions. All the operations of the company are designed to be implemented automatically. With the automation, increased efficiency of the company provides a competitive advantage to it and the company is able to take creative decisions. The different dimensions of Artificial Intelligence that are affecting the operations of Sussan Fashions are as follows:

  • Visual Searching: As Sussan Fashion is dealing in offline as well as online business model, visual searching helps to upload the image of the required product offered by the company on their official website. It will also help customers to identify the desired products and other similar products offered by the company.
  • Robots for designing: Sussan Fashions is working to design the most suitable design of clothes that can satisfy different needs and demands of the customer. For this, it has tied up with professional fashion designers. This practice has benefitted the company to improve its productivity and even competitiveness in the market.
  • Customer Relationship Management is a tool that provides measures to retain the customer. To retain an old customer is far economical for a company as compared to create the new one. CRM tools of the company are analyzing the big data to evaluate customer’s needs and demands by designing appropriate designs and offer it at competitive prices for the long term sustainability of the company through the retention of customers.

Virtual Reality has been used to provide a 3D environment to the customers or shoppers visiting physical stores of the company. VR glasses are used in the store of the company that is providing tremendous experience to the customers. Shoppers can view themselves and suitability of attire.

Area of Focus of Training

The company is providing regular training to its employees to make them familiar with the new technological advancement adopted by the company. As, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual reality have been implemented to improve operational competency of the company, improve its strategic capabilities and face the competition in the market. The training program of the company focuses on the following areas:

  • Implement customer Relation Management tools: The company is practicing its marketing operations through Artificial Intelligence. The marketing managers and executives are provided with the training to implement the tools in their operations.
  • Training for Virtual Searching: The company is providing training to the in-store staff for the use of virtual searching mirrors and tools to provide a better experience to the customers.

Training for designers: The designers of the company are providing with the training to use bots software to creatively design the clothes that could provide added value to the customer.

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