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Computer Backup System: Reasons and Available Options

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The advances in information and technology are leading to the development of many techniques through which the data stored can be hacked. In the network, there are different devices like desktop, server, and mobile devices used by the users to share the data. Some data which are stored in the organization’s server is important due to which it becomes important for the organizations to secure the server or to take back up to tackle the issues that are possible to arise in future. In order to increase the chances of recovery of corrupted data, rule 3-2-1 is considered suitable. Description of 3-2-1 is provided below: -

3 – Keep 3 copies of the important data i.e. 2 backups and 1 primary.

2 – the user is required to keep 2 copies of all media type to tackle any hazardous issues.

1 – Extra copy of data should be created which is required to differentiate from other location.


Reason to use backup options: -

Data Backup options: -

There are different backup options available which can be used by the organization to tackle any hazardous issue.

  • Remote Backup – Cloud Storage: -

In the broadband internet services, the expansion brings a new way to store the backup i.e. cloud storage. Broadband internet services provide cloud storage available for a wide number of users. In order to access the cloud storage, each user is assigned with unique credentials to avoid any collision issues in storage. Many organizations are moving towards the cloud storage to store the data because it is considered as a most secured and reliable technique (Challagidad, Birje & Dalawai, 2017). Following are the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud storage: -

Advantages of Cloud Storage: -

  • Cloud storage helps the users to tackle or avoid data backup loss in case of worst-case scenarios i.e. natural disaster or malware effect.
  • Cloud storage also provides a remote access feature in which the management of organization will be able to modify data remotely by using the credentials.
  • The expenditure costs to purchase the hardware devices are saved because the cloud storage is virtually created and login credentials are used to access the cloud.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage: -

  • On the internet connection, cloud storage is dependent. A delay in connection will lead to a communication problem between the storage and network devices.
  • There is no standards or authorized platforms available for cloud storage due to which the users will be locked to a single vendor.
  • A problem of jurisdiction and fair information practices will be faced when the data is distributed over the large geographical region. This may cause many organizations to store their confidential data in the cloud storage.
  • Installation and maintenance problem will be raised between the users due to lack of cloud storage knowledge.


  1. Internal Hard Disk Drivers

Hard Disk drivers have installed within the computer system and store the data on a spinning magnetic platter read by performing the moving read/write head operation. All the computers or laptops use their own internal hard disks to store the information which is required regularly for the different operations. To increase the storage in the computer systems, the user can purchase additional hard disks. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of using internal hard disk: -

Advantages of Internal Hard Disk drivers

  • The user is able to quickly update their backup file if primary files or backup copies are kept on the same internal hard drive.
  • No extra cost is required to spend in maintaining the file structure followed in internal hard disks to store the data.


Disadvantages of internal hard disk drivers: -

  • The repetitive backup of data in internal hard disk will create disk vulnerable to attacks like denial of service, malware etc.
  • If the hard disk is stolen or lost, both the primary and backup data will be lost.


  1. Removable Storage Media

In the computer system, there are many ports available to connect peripheral devices like pen drives, mouse, sound system etc. The removable storage media is considered as one of a most versatile methods to store the data because the user is able to connect or disconnect storage media anytime. This method is separating the backups from the computer which will secure the data present in the computer system from any attack.

Types of Removal Storage Media: -

External Hard Disk: - They are same as the internal hard disk but these devices are portable and can be installed easily. These devices are still prone to physical damage due to repetitive connection in the port.

Solid-state Storage: - Flash driver, USB flash driver, thumb driver, SD, micro-SD cards, memory disks are examples of the solid-state storage.

Magnetic Tape: - The data can be also stored on the digital tape system which comprised on the tape deck, individual tapes. The individual tapes present in magnetic tapes provide more than terabytes to store the information.


Advantages of Removal Storage Media: -

àIt is a flexible data storage media because the removable storage media is portable means the user can take the storage to any location without losing the data.

àMost of the removable storage media are reusable.


Disadvantages of Removal Storage Media: -

àA loss or theft of removable storage media will lead to a data loss.

àMalware and data corruption are possible to increase due to multiple rolling of removable storage media.



Challagidad, P., Birje, M., & Dalawai, A. (2017). Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. Efficient And Reliable Data Recovery Technique In Cloud Computing, 5(5-1). Retrieved from

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