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Computer crimes

Computer crimes are also known as cybercrimes mainly include a network and a computer system. While executing any these crimes, mostly computers could be targeted. Cybercrimes are the offenses that committed against individuals or groups of individuals with the motive of crime or to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim. Cybercrimes can be done directly or indirectly with the use of modern telecommunication networks such as the internet and mobile phones. Cybercrime may threaten a person, organization or nation. Cybercrime is basically an act performed by the knowledgeable computer user, known as a hacker that can steal confidential data of any organization or any person in an illegal manner. In some cases, rather than stealing the data, a malicious user or hacker may corrupt the data as well as the files kept in targeted computer device (Shekhar, 2018)


Hacking is considered as complex task which requires the high level of information and technical knowledge. It includes hacking of personal data, data related to the schools, organizations, banking sectors, hospitals or corporations. A person who performs hacking on the computer device is known as a hacker. Hackers are also classified into a variety of groups such as the white hat hackers, black hat hackers, and grey hat hackers. White hat hacker is one who does not carry out any illegal activities but learns about various methods in order to protect the system from illegal penetration. The black hat hacker is one who carries illegal activities and performs computer crimes. Whereas, the grey hat hacker is the combination of both black hat hacker and the white hat hacker. Therefore, the grey hat hackers are known as opportunistic. There are a number of ways through which the hackers manage to gain access to the computer and compromise data and information stored in the computer devices. These ways include finding the vulnerability in the operating system which can also be expressed by DOS attack, man in the middle attack and jamming (Gupta & Anand, 2017).

Examples of computer crimes (Hope, 2018)

Name of computer crime



Deciphering or breaking codes which are being used in order to protect the data.

Copyright violation

Stealing and using copyrighted material of another person without permission.


Setting up a domain of other person or organization in order to sell it to them later at the premium price.

Cyber terrorism

Threats, blackmailing or hacking towards the person or business.


Manipulation of data such as changing bank records in order to transfer money to credit card fraud account.

Cyberbully or cyberstalking

Harassing or stalking others online.

Denial of service attack

Overloading a system with a number of requests.


Collection of information related to the account of the particular person.

Creating malware

Creating, writing, or distribution of malware.

Illegal sales

Selling or buying illicit goods online which include guns, drugs or psychotropic substances.

IPR violation

Violation of intellectual property rights is an infringement of other’s patent, trademark or copyright.

Identity theft

Stealing identity of other.


Deceiving individual in order to gain personal or private information about the person.


Slander or posting libel against another person or organization.


Types of hacking

  1. Denial of service: Denial of service is a hacking technique used to take down a site and the server by flooding that server or site with lots of traffic. With this, the server is unable to process different requests in real time and then the system crashes This is a popular technique in which the attacker floods the targeted machine with different requests in order to overwhelm the resources.
  2. Phishing: Phishing is a hacking technique with the use of which a hacker can replicate the most accessed sites and also traps the victim by sending the spoofed link. Phishing is the most commonly used attack and deadliest attack vectors with the combination of social engineering.
  3. Eavesdropping: unlike other attacks, with the use of eavesdropping attack, a hacker monitors the computer system as well as networks to gain some unwanted information. The main motive of eavesdropping is to get information without harming the system (Kumbhar & Gavekar, 2017).


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