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What is Computer Organization?

Computer organization means the structure of the computer components. It is often confused by computer architecture, but these two words are not interchangeable. Computer organization is done on the basis of the computer architecture. Computer organization is the way in which the different components of the system are arranged. It contains information about the design of CPU or peripheral designing or memory management, etc. of the system.

What is Computer Architecture?

Computer Architecture means the internal designing of the system. It contains the answers of questions like how the data will flow in the system. How the instructions will be sent, etc.? It is the structure or working of the system. Computer architecture contains information about different types of instruction sets, registers, addressing modes, etc. Computer architecture is designed prior to computer organization.

Both computer organization and architecture go hand in hand. Although some people use it interchangeably but there are some differences in them. You must know the difference between computer organization and computer architecture.

Types of Computer Architecture

Computers are widely used in the world and of different brands and types. Computer support some internal features depending on the architecture that is being used in them. Operating system of the computer are designed on the basis of the computer architecture. There are different types of operating system available like Mac OS, Linux, Unix, Windows, etc. Computer Organization and architecture is subject taught in computer science or IT related course. Professors assign IT student’s assignments related to this course, you can take Assignment Help USA to complete your task. Computer Architecture are of two types; they are discussed as follows:  

1. Von Neumann Architecture – Von Neumann architecture was designed by scientist named John Von Neumann in the year 1945, later it was known as Von Neumann Architecture. It consists of Control Unit, Arithmetic & Logical Unit (ALU), Registers, Memory Unit, Inputs and Outputs. Many systems these days are designed using this architecture. Von Neumann architecture uses store program concept.

In this, instruction and data both are stored in the same memory. Central Processing Unit, Buses and Memory Unit are the components of Von Neumann Architecture. It contains registers and buses that helps to transfer the data and instructions.

There are three types of buses:
o Address Bus – Address bus is used to carry the address of data. It carries only the address of data not the data. It transfers address between memory and processor.
o Data Bus – Data Bus is used to transfer the data. Data bus transfers it between processor, memory unit and I/O devices.
o Control Bus – Control Bus carries the commands or control signals. These control signal are sent from CPU to other units in the system.

2. Harvard Architecture – Harvard Architecture was developed in 1939. It refers to Harvard Mark I it was developed by the Harvard University Staff members. In Harvard Architecture, the instructions and data travel separately. Microcontroller are based on either Harvard architecture or Von Neumann architecture. In Harvard architecture, the user can access instruction and data at the same time or simultaneously. The processor completes the instructions in one clock cycle. Memory address of instructions are different as compared to memory addresses of data. Data can be transferred at the same time while fetching the instructions. Harvard architecture is also used in signal processing.

These are the two types of computer architecture that are widely used in designing the microcontrollers. It is also a field which the IT students can pursue, huge Multi - National Companies like Intel, ARM, Qualcomm, etc. hire many students every year. Therefore, if you are interested in this field, work hard get better grades in these subjects. Perform well in exams as well as assignments. If you need assistance take Assignment Help California, use it for your guidance. Dedicate good amount of time to write your assignments and also spend adequate amount of time in studying. By making a good study routine you will be able to perform great and score excellent grades in your exams. If you face problem in understanding the subject or the topics of this subject, you can watch the tutorials online. It will help you I n better understanding of the subject.

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