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Computer security is one of important aspects for the network to secure stored data inside the computer from different types of attacks i.e. brute force, spoofing etc. For the purpose of securing the network from the attacks, it becomes necessary for the users to identify the ports via which the network attack is going to affect the computer system. The open ports of computer system can be analyzed and evaluated by means of four different types of software named as THC Hydra, John the ripper, RainbowCrack, Ophrack. In the assessment, we need to investigate every software that will help to evaluate security issues of the computer network. Additionally, the discussion has been also made on the software including the configuration, usage and utility understanding. The description of each software used by the attackers for Brute Force are discussed below: -

THC Hydra
The THC hydra is known to be parallelized login cracker tool that supports numerous numbers of protocols for attacking the system. The software is considered to be fast, flexible and modules that can easily be added. This tool is very useful for the researchers and the security consultant as it is helpful for gaining an unauthorized access to the system remotely.

John the ripper
The John the ripper is a modified approach of implementing the password attack by the John the ripper by Lim, it allows the john the ripper to develop a platform via which the brute force attack can be implemented to fetch the details of password. The software is enough capable of running brute force attack without suffering from any network bandwidth bottlenecks.

The RainbowCrack is known to be a general proposition of implementation of Philippe Oechslin’s faster time memory trade of attack. For cracking the password, it utilizes time memory tradeoff algorithms. This software performs differently as compared to currently used brute force hash crackers. This software cracks the computation in pre-stage, and stores each file within the table also known as rainbow table. To perform such kind of computation, it takes time and cracks the password much better as compared to the brute force cracker.

The OphCrack is known to be open source programs through which the Windows based login-passwords supposed to be cracked. All the passwords are cracked via storing it into the rainbow tables, and program also includes or imports the hashes in the different variety of formats. Additionally, the passwords that are cracked stores directly into the SAM files developed inside the Windows operating system. Simply, the OphCrack has capability to crack most of passwords within the few seconds or minutes.

Installation steps: -

Most of software supports cross platforms i.e. Windows and Linux operating system. In the Windows operating system, the configurations are performed downloading the software’s executable code on the machine. As compared to Linux Operating system, the installation of software is done by running the different commands, which takes necessary files from the platform.

Usage Methods

It is beneficial for users to use user interface provided by the software i.e. THE Hydra, John the ripper, RainbowCrack, OphCrack. These software’s provides command line as well through which the ports can be analyzed by means of command. The software is beneficial to collect and evaluate the open ports through which the attacks can be performed. Usually, this software is used to attack on passwords and collects by running multiple guesses to extract exact password from the system.


The assessment is basically based on running the four different types of software named as THC Hydra, John the ripper, RainbowCrack, and OphCrack. Both the software has functioning different to each other as compare to each other, and supports cross platforms i.e. Windows along with Linux Operating system. The graphical user interface is provided by the software through which the different commands can be executed to extract the required information, and the hacker can also run brute force attack for getting the passwords easily by attempting brute force attack.

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