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The production of the tools for the purpose of amplifying and mechanizing the physical abilities for enabling the high reach, fast movement and the hard hit was history. The generated tools are used for the amplification of the physical force and the enhancement of the travelling speeds. The much rare type of the tools is the one which fastens up the intellectual abilities. The language was the first prime amplifier developed for the intellectual abilities. It was followed by the writing skill and the transmission of thoughts.

In the language of the computers, the computing has taken the ultimate tag of the mental amplifier. The activity needed to imagine the intellect of the computers is called the computing. There is an automated form of computing which is responsible for changing the humans solve problems in a radical way. All the kinds of problems what we are able to imagine is also the task of automatic computing. The one thing which is responsible for revolutionizing the change in the computer system is called as computing. It has proved to be the most useful invention in the field for hundreds of years. Yes, all the humans have been pervaded by the invention. But, as we have come a long time since the invention of computing, we are still a long way to go. We have just taken a glimpse of the potential it has.


There are two reasons for you to pick the study. These are as follows-

1. It drives the excitement and the importance which the computer technology needs. Moreover, it covers almost all the subjects beginning with the arts, and reaching to the field of science making it easy and accessible.

2. It helps in the deep insight and the easy understanding of the universe and nature.

We all have used a smartphone and paid the bill through our credit card. Right? But along with this, we all admit that the first time we used these technologies, we were convinced by the primary reason for choosing the technology and studying computing. The past three decades have been proved to be the time to encounter tremendous advantage in the technology.

Processes, Procedures and Computers

1. Process

We term the study of the information process as computer science. The sequence of the steps needed to perform a task is called a process. Every step of the process results in the change in the state of the task. By the time it reaches to the last step, it goes gradually to the goal state. The processes which involve the abstract information rather than the physical things. The thing which is fuzzy here is the boundary between the physical world and the processes of the pure information. The physical world processes the real computers and the way in which they obtain the information is through physical means.

For example, when we push a key of the keyboard, an electric impulse is generated and then it results in the production of the physical outputs. The output is the displayed image on the screen.

The computer simplifies the essence of computing for the better reasoning and understanding. It has to be done through the physical ways of the manipulation and the representation of the information. But it follows the abstract information and focuses on it.

2. Procedure

The description of the process is called as a procedure. In a procedure, the description of the simple process is through the step listing. The listing steps are the procedures, and the following act is called the process.

3. Algorithm

The mechanical procedure for carrying out the process is called an algorithm. It will undoubtedly lead to the accomplishment of the process. The method of the making an algorithm is tough for many activities.

Sometimes it has various limitations. If we talk about a real-life example, like that of operating an ATM, then the natural languages may prove to be ambiguous and imprecise. The unstated assumptions can be numerous. Describing the steps in the one-to-one format should be the most efficient one.

We need various tools for the programming of the computers. These have to be allowed by the description of the processes and that too in a succinct and precise manner. There is a description of every step in the machine. Yes, forget about common sense here. The operator does not have it. Mechanical procedures are required to process the machine efficiently.


It is a machine which accepts the input. The input can be from any source, whether a human being can enter it, or a network is used to transmit a signal as an input. The sensors which are attached to the computer are also able to give the input automatically.

Next step is the execution of the mechanical procedure. The process can be implemented without any prior thought.

After this, there comes the time when the output is being produced. As the input, the output of the data can be anything. That is the result can be shown in any form. The humans can see the information after its processing. Also, the output of any input can be anything which impacts the computer. These may include the electric signals and the device operator controller.

Most of us are unaware of the fact that the things which we use every day also contain a computer. They are hidden in the devices such as microwaves, ovens, cars and the access cards. But being a student of the computer science stream, we are here focusing on the universal computers. These are the computers which can perform the given mechanical computations. The inputs used here are to be discrete and have practical limits on space as well as time.

To measure the different computing powers, we need the mechanical work to be calculated which the machine can perform in the given time and space.