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In the modern era, the demand for developing projects especially software is rapidly increasing.  Almost every organization use software development phases to get better outcomes.  These phases effectively enhance the overall software development process and allow organizations to develop and deliver quality projects. In this article, we describe some crucial phases of the software development process especially (elaboration phase) which is one of the important phases of the software development process.  CSU also provides knowledge on elaboration phase and assigns tasks or assignments to its students on this particular topic. This article outlines the significance of the elaboration phase.

What do you mean by elaboration phase in the system development process?

In software development, the elaboration phase is defined as the process of determining the overall details of the projects. It is considered as one of the vital phases of the system development process and is used by most of the organizations to deliver projects on time with high quality. Whenever the development team of any software project faces any difficulty then the elaboration phase solves entire problems of system development so that project is developed efficiently.

What is the significance of the Elaboration phase in software development?

The elaboration phase plays a crucial role in enhancing the software development processes so that projects are made within the estimated timeframe.  The major goal of the elaboration phase is to define the architecture for the system that is under development process. The major significance of the elaboration phase is to provide the best architectural prototype for the software to achieve better outcomes. At last, the role of the elaboration phase in software development is very important.

What type of tasks does the project team perform?

Therefore, the elaboration phase primarily focusses on the establishment of the new system and provides an insight view of several constraints such as financial, schedule constraints.

Following are the crucial tasks that every project team would perform while entering in the elaboration phase-

  1. Capture a majority of the pending functional requirements of the project.
  2. Enlarging the overall architecture of candidates into full architectural baseline which mainly explains the architecture.
  3. Address or identify critical risks/ challenges in the ongoing project.
  4. Finalizes and develop business case document for the project along with the project proposal plan that includes sufficient detailed information to instruct the next project phase.

What are the milestones associated with the elaboration phase?

Milestones play a very vital role in every project because it provides a landmark for every project phase completion.

The milestones that are associated with the elaboration phase is discussed below-

  • Major milestone associated with the elaboration phase is the life cycle architecture.
  • Many functional requirements of the project have defined in the use case model.
  • An architectural baseline is also considered as one of the major milestones which define ongoing development.
  • Receiving of business case document is considered as a min milestone that allows the project team to develop an initial plan for proceeding it to the construction

What are the processes of the elaboration phase?

There are several processes that are undertaken in the elaboration phase that increase the overall processes of the elaboration phase in the form of architectural as well as use cases.

  1. Creation of use case diagrams is considered as the first process of the elaboration phase.
  2. Conceptual diagrams (class diagrams)
  3. Package diagrams (architectural design diagrams)