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ICT is known as an abbreviation that stands for Information Communication Technology (ICT) in which it includes all kind of digital technologies in trend and that assists business, an individual and an organization. ICT in business deals with all kind of electronic products that deals with digital information that is stored in digital storages, transmission and retrieval. Use to this technology has made business organizations more effective, efficient and fast response to customers’ needs and also it assists many business related activities such as manufacturing, designing, distribution, R&D, sales and feedback from customers.


In a business organization ICT can be broadly categorized into two types:

  1. Traditional Computer Based Technology that performs typical tasks similar to those performed by personal computer that is use of standard office applications such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Desktop publishing, Graphic Software along with this it uses various specialized application of computer that are Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and Customer Relations Management (CRM).
  2. Digital Communication Technologies in which data is processed and communicated by electronic means such as sending of data by means of network and using means of satellite. Digital communication technology primarily uses two type of networks that are internal network that are referred to as local area network that includes linking number of hardware items in a business organization which aims to share various facilities of hardware devices like scanner and printer. Another is external network that are used to communicate with networks outside a business organization that means accessing other network with use of wide area network (WAN).


  • Better Decision Making: ICT in business organization helps in storing, processing, analyses and storing large of data. Information that is available from corporate data allow employees and manager to make decisions more accurately and quickly so that it is easy for them to manage different operations and rapidly response to threats and business opportunities.
  • Increased Productivity: With the use of ICT tools in business organization and automating various processes has improved individual and overall productivity. Such as in computer aided design it helps in reducing set-up time and improve accuracy of manufacturing so that employees spend comparatively less time in reworking. Use of ICT help managers to plan production in better way so that they can make efficient use of resources available.
  • Improved Customer Service: As customer service is top most priority of any business organization hence, ICT provides solution to best customer service as it provides faster response to customers’ clarifications and provide solution to them about their problems. Service providers working for this technology are able to access customer’s need and provide them services using smart phones and secure internet connection and use of this helps them to fix problems more quickly and efficiently.
  • Virtual Collaboration: Use of information communication technology helps in collaboration of project team more effectively by providing facility of video conferencing and web conferencing using internet which help them connecting their team by conducting these kind of virtual meetings. It builds strong project team and helps in maintaining progress of project rather than waiting for meeting at a particular location where everyone can meet and discuss about project.