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Concept of Socket Programming

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In context to communication connection points, a socket could be defined as an endpoint which could be named and addressed in a particular network. With the help of socket programming, a seamless linkage could be established between local and remote processes. Various processes which make use of socket can uniquely reside inside a singular system or on a wide range of networks on numerous systems. These sockets can be appropriately used along with network and stand-alone network-based applications. With the help of sockets, the end users would be able and allowed to exchange information amongst various processes across a network and singular machine. Further, sockets allow to access centralized data and distribute the work evenly to the highest efficient machines. Moreover, Socket APIs (Application Program Interface) is the most widely used network standard for the overall centralized data. In addition, a wide range of the operating system is supported by socket APIs.

In simpler words, socket programming could be understood as a unique way of connecting various nodes on a singular or multiple networks so as to make them transfer information in strong coordination and synchronization. One socket would be listening to the requests that are made by a particular client and a dedicated socket would be accepting the request to provide appropriate output to the end user. The socket programs are efficiently used with an objective to communicate amongst various processes running on a wide range of different systems. Socket programming is widely used with an objective of creating a client-server environment.

Characteristics of Sockets
There are numerous characteristics exhibited by a Socket. Some of them have been defined below in brief detail –
• Generally, a socket is represented by a unique integer which is known as socket descriptor.
• A socket would exist until the process is capable of maintaining an open link to the entire socket.
• An end user can customize the name of the socket and use it with a purpose of communicating with other sockets in the network domain.
• Further, the end users would have the capability of creating sockets in pairs in order to make them work in high coordination and synchronization.
• The socket would perform seamless communication when the server would accept connection from various entities and exchange messages with them.

With the help of socket programming, it would display how sockets could be used to establish communication between numerous processes. The programming is used to make sockets work in coordination and synchronization, which would allow achieving a state of constant communication. These sockets are widely and most commonly used with an objective of establishing client and server interaction. In a standard and typical system, one socket is present on the one machine of server and another socket is present over client’s machine. The client would connect to the server with an objective of exchanging information and then eliminate the overall connection. A socket would have typical and constant flow of a wide range of events. In a client-to-server model, the server would establish an address that various clients can make use of to find the server. Once the address is used by the client, it would send request to the server for generation of appropriate requests. The overall client-to-server data exchange occurs when a client makes use of a socket with an objective of connecting to the server. The server would accept the request of the client, process it, and reply back to the client with the help of appropriate and precise response.

The sole need for socket programming is to establish a communication and provide an overall mechanism amongst two different computers using a singular TCP. A client program would create a socket on one of the ends of the overall communication and attempt to connect the socket to the server. The client and server can actively communicate by seamlessly writing and reading from the socket simultaneously.

In relation to various sockets that are actively working over a communication network, socket programming is an essential concept. With the help of socket programming, the overall working of the socket in a network could be made possible. Hence, socket programming is highly essential to develop seamless communication between different nodes in a network. The implementation of socket programming could be done with the help of various object-oriented languages such as Java and C++.  

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