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Part B Critique

This is the second part of the assessment 1 which requires an individual critique on the assignment. The part B of the section include a critique individual. The following critique should be based on the issues faced by the current selected organization in part A. The critique should be on the basis of following points:

1. Whether the original post is holistic. Please identify missing components, if any, and provide constructive feedback.

In this section, you need to define that whether the post is holistic or not which is used in the part A of the assessment. The holistic approach means thinking all rounded about the big picture. Also, you need to identify the missing components and related feedback for the components which are provided in part A but missing in part B of the assignment.

2. Have all plausible consequences been identified?

As the part A of the assignment needs to identify different consequences and related problems and issues of paradigms of Systems Thinking conceptualization and its application to contemporary business. If any of the problem and issues are missing in the part A, in this part you need to identify the plausible consequences.

Third section of this report include the information regarding the System Thinking tools in which there is need to mention whether Thinking tools has been used properly or not. Moreover, there is need to provide a critique on these tools along with their use in solving the identified problem.

For example: The System Thinking tools which are used by PayTM includes CATWOE and the rich picture. CATWOE is an acronym for Customer Actor Transformation World View Owners and Environmental. CATWOE analysis provide an aid to One97 organization which evaluates the possible challenges related to the organization and solutions for mitigating the organizational issues.

There is need to ensure that the critique posts are presented in the discussion forum by the end of the week 5.

References: It is mandatory to use proper APA format for doing references and citing the information.

Additional information:

This assessment should be made by ensuring that it provides robust discussion about the System Thinking. Information should include views which supports claims either with the published literature of with the relevant experience. The information can be used from relevant website links, magazines, journal articles, text from related books, new articles etc.

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