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Cybersecurity issues are increasing rapidly around the world. The sensitive data of the user is stolen by spreading viruses on the network. It is essential to understand how malicious users are using internet for committing cybercrime so that cybercrime issues can be prevented. This article will provide various cyber issues and techniques to protect from them so that Internet user can protect their data from the malicious user.

On the Internet, a large amount of data is present and this information is easily accessible by the user from anywhere. A single post on the social media site could provide a huge amount of data of the user. The identity of the user is easily stolen if the user is not careful about what type of data should be given over the Internet. Hence, the need for understanding the cyber security is essential for the user as well as for government.


In order to understand the need for cybersecurity and why it is important one must understand the cybercrime. This is a malicious activity which is done over the internet or network devices. Cyber-crimes include stealing of personal data with use of various type of viruses and worms (PARODI, 2013).

Identity Theft

It is a situation that arises when the malicious user steals sensitive data of the user from its personal accounts such account number, address, PIN etc. This information is used by the malicious user to make a fake account of the user with his name for committing cybercrime. The user must aware about malicious websites while entering his sensitive data so that confidential data of user should not be stolen by the malicious user.


The virus is the malicious codes which are used by a hacker for committing cyber-crime. Most of the viruses are linked with the downloadable files and software’s and when these files execute in the system then malicious code automatically executed which leads to the security of confidential data and moreover some of the viruses can damage the overall system of the user.


It is a cyber-crime which takes place when one user is harassed by another user on the internet. The target user is bombarded with the messages not just to themselves but also with the family members. It includes false accusations, identity theft, gathering data which is used by the malicious user to embarrass or threaten the victim.

Phishing Attack

It is a cyber attack which is done with the use of real website content but with the use of the fake name. This attack is performed by the attacker for stealing important data of the user such as username and password.


The rise of cyber-security issues all over the globe is making the huge need for understanding cybersecurity. In 1988 united states has created the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) after a wide-spread break on the Internet. The CERT has no authority for arresting the malicious user. Interpol has also set up the “l-24/7” communication system by creating various internet-based policy in order to report any type of cybercrime issue.

However, with the understanding of cybercrime user can protect themselves from various types of cybercrimes. There are various departments of cybersecurity where the user can report the cybercrime. These departments are responsible for identifying the source and type of cyber attack performed by the malicious user.


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