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In the modern era, the rapid enhancement in the technologies gives rise to several challenges or risks such as security and privacy and organizational risks. Nowadays, most of the small and medium enterprises (SME) use information systems or another internet platform to increase their productivity, but this may arise the major problems or challenges with data security. The dependency of SME’s on many online platforms gives rise to several malicious cyber-attacks such as Man in the middle and Keylogging which may degrade the performance of Small and medium enterprises. Well, this article highlights some major cyber-attacks and cybersecurity management and also provides the best ways to mitigate them.

What do you mean by cyber-attacks or threats?

Typically, in computers or computer networks, an attack refers as an attempt to disclose, alter, steal or gain unauthorized access to make use of confidential data in an illegal way, a cyber attack is defined as an offensive attempt that targets most of the computer information systems to steal their private data (organizational data, employee’s data). A survey report of 2017 demonstrates that almost 70-80% of the organizations affected adversely by the involvement of cyber attacks.

There are several cyber attacks are as follows-

Denial of service attacks

DOS attack is an acronym of denial of service attack and is defined as an attack used for shut down a computer network and make it busy for the desired users. DOS attacks are implemented by flooding the target with traffic.  Moreover, victims of cyber attacks target large web-based servers of organizations such as banking, commerce, small and medium enterprises, and other government organizations.  Basically, DOS attacks involve two methods such as Flooding along with crashing services.

Mitigation strategy-  Prevention of this attack is very crucial because this attack steals confidential data of users via making servers busy. One and most valuable mitigation strategies of DOS attack is to implement dot defender web-based firewall application as this firewall application inspects HTTP traffic and checks their packets against rules like allow or deny protocols or IP based addresses.

Man in the middle attack

Man in the middle attack refers as a type of cyber attack in which intruder insert himself into a conversational process between sender and receivers. In this attack, intruder impersonates both sender and receivers and gain unauthorized access to the information of the sender and receiver what they were trying to share.  An intruder can easily steal confidential data and breach security.  Most of the small businesses have faced this type of attack.

Mitigation strategy

There are several ways of mitigating or preventing computer networks or computer systems from MITM attacks are as follows;

  1. Implementation of VPN will be very beneficial in mitigating man in the middle attack.
  2. Executing strong WEP encryption on access points to reduce intruder’s activities over the network.

Phishing attack

A phishing attack is often known as a social engineering attack that is used for stealing and gaining unauthorized access over the user’s data.  In this type, intruders target data including login credentials and card numbers. It occurs when an intruder masquerading as a trusted entity.

Mitigation strategy

  • Implement anti-phishing
  • Clarify a site’s security.
  • Use firewalls.

What is Cybersecurity management?

Cybersecurity management is defined as the protection of Internet-connected systems from cyber attacks.  Major organizations or SME use Cybersecurity management to effectively manage all cybersecurity-related processes.