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Overview of Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is a large hub airport in the U.S., incorporated in Feb 1995. This airport serves 58.3 million passengers every year through its 5,72,520 operations. Each day, the number of passengers that arrives and departs at this airport is approx. 1,00,000. It has 30 acres parking lots with more than 44,255 public parking spaces. It has six runways, where one of the runways has 16,000 feet length and 200 feet width and it is considered as the longest commercial runway in North America. The rest of the five runways have length of 12,000 ft and 200 ft width. The Denver International airport consists of 300 lane miles of roads and 270 snow removal equipment. The plan named Language Assistance Plan has been created to address the responsibilities in Denver airport as a recipient of federal financial assistance with limited English proficiency skill.  

Project Management
The application of tools, skills, knowledge and techniques for meeting the project requirements is known as Project Management. The process of project management falls into five groups named – Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing. This process controls all the activities that are executed for the implementation of any project. It is a process that needs a specific configuration including methods of project management, documentation of project management, project plans, information exchange and resources of the project management and planning.

Projects of Denver International Airport
In Denver International Airport, the Jeppesen Terminal has more than 1.5 square feet of space. Before the year Sep 2001, the space of the airport was beneath with white tented rooftop. The space of the airport is featured with plenty of serene trees, relaxed seating area and a small security points. From the time changing, the screening and associated lines of TSA are occupied with Great hall space. In the United State of America, this airport is considered as the fifth busiest airport and the airport uses the upgraded technology from time to time. In 2018, the airport implements the Great Hall Project construction and this construction process will close by the end of 2021. The projects of Denver International Airport involve passenger ticketing, ground transportation, shops and restaurants, international arrivals, baggage claim and different office areas.    

Components of Project
The project named Great Hall Construction is made with several elements. These elements are discussed as –
a)International Welcome Area – An International welcome area of the project is located at the north end of the Great Hall. This Welcome area involves seating facility, a coffee shop, flight information, convenience retail, a money exchange facility and a new escalator that facilitates the international connections.  
b)Level 5 Waiting area – Denver International airport makes a new welcoming space to greet the domestic arrivals and creates a new front door to the passengers to enter from the A-line train. The area comprises of different types of concessions, comfortable seating and the play area for the children.  
c)Consolidated Ticket Lobby – The ticketing of the airway moves to the south end of the terminal that makes better use of this space.
d)Concourse a Bridge Walkaway – The bridge walkaway makes the additional concessions while making the project and supports the services of the bridge.
e)Post security concessions area – The post-security concession area improves the services, retail and food that are available in the terminal.
f)SA security screening experience – The security screening of TSA moves from Level 5 to Level 6. These levels reduce vulnerability and create a better experience for the passengers. The project will introduce innovations in the industries and develops new technology for the purpose of efficient security screening. Along with this, the current TSA checkpoint would also be removed that creates open post access to the pedestrian bridge.
g)Drop –off curb Improvements – For increasing the drop –off capacity, the improvements in the drop off curb adds a partial median to both east and west curbs.

Benefits of Project
The project named Great Hall provides various benefits. These benefits are discussed as –
a)The project increases the throughput of TSA.
b)It improves the retail and food offerings of the passengers.
c)It creates a better greeting area to the people at the south end and adds front door services from the plaza to the airport. These facilities create better flight information displays and the children play area.
d)It maximizes security by relocating the exposed checkpoints.
e)It maximizes the capacity checkpoints that accommodates future growth.
f)The project makes a new international welcome area to the passengers that facilitate retail, food and seating services.
g)For enhancing the drop –off capacity including an express drop off location to TSA checkpoints for passengers, the project improves the curbside area.  

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