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Develop a conceptual framework (typology) of professional Athlete Management

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Athlete Management

Athlete management can be defined as the services for the professional athletes. It is used to represent the athletes those strive to maximize their careers and make positive contributions to the community through athletics. For the deepen understanding of the athlete management, it is important to understand the definition of athlete. Athletes can be defined as the individuals those participate in the sports or attempt to participate in the professional manner. An athlete often represent himself at the international level and/or professional level. However, very small number of athletes could represent themselves at the international level or professional level. Thus, the core objective of athlete management is to prepare individuals physically and mentally for a professional athletic life and also prepare them for the physical and mental battles post competing at a high level.  Athlete management includes the coordination of all factors affecting the daily lives of athletes in the current and future. Such management is composed of scheduling, fitness, education and professional development of the athletes. It also emphasizes the variable requirements of athletes and provide them personalized physical and mental training for sports. It is also known as outsource management of the necessities of an athlete to let him to be focused for his profession. It helps the athletes to achieve proficiency in their careers. 

Stakeholders involved in the athletic management

Athlete management includes number of stakeholders for the uninterrupted execution of the program for the athletes. This program is the collaborative responsibility of all the stakeholders mentioned as below: -

  1. sport agents as well as team managers
  2. coaches
  3. sport science teams
  4. medical teams
  5. education officers
  6. sporting organisations

All these stakeholders help the athletes to attain physical and mental strength to be a professional and competitive athlete at the international level.

Conceptual framework for athlete management

To understand that an athlete is mentally and physically trained to be professional and competitive at the international level, it is important for the athletes to follow a conceptual framework. This conceptual framework helps to decide the success of a professional athlete. High Performance, Athlete Representation, Career Development and Athlete Welfare are the considerations those must be considered by an athlete for evaluating his/ her success in the profession. These considerations help to evaluate that athlete is mentally and physically prepared for the competition.

Considerations of Athlete Management

High Performance: If an athlete is performing well during the training and coaching and possess the competitive competences, then it can be considered as the athlete is performing high. The performance of the athlete is not only evaluated during coaching but also reflected in the terms of sport sciences and sport medicine support, training facilities and equipment, and competitions. talent identification and athlete pathways.

Athlete Representation: If an athlete is competent to represent himself for the contract negotiations, endorsements and sponsorship, then also he/ she can be evaluated as the successful and professional athlete to compete at the international level.

Career Development: If an athlete is intelligent enough to visualize his short term to long term goals in the field of sports/ athletics, then it is known as the career development of athlete. To be a successful athlete, he/ she must have future plans for the life after playing.

Athlete Welfare: Athlete welfare can be defined to give priorities to the necessities for athletics rather than self-interest. It can be achieved through anti-doping, counselling, mental health. Any activity of the athlete must not put negative impact on the mental and physical health to ensure the success and competitiveness.

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