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Different Roles of Internet and Web Service

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The Internet

Internet is a globally connected network system which uses TCP/IP to transmit data through different types of mediums. The internet is considered as the network of global exchanges which includes public, private, academic, and governmental networks which are further connected with wireless as well as fiber optic technologies. The terms world wide web and internet can be used interchangeably, but are not exactly the same thing. The internet refers to a global communication system which includes the infrastructure and hardware, whereas, the web is considered as one of the main services of communication over the network and internet (Birkenbihl, 2018).

With the advancement of computing services, peer to peer communication has gradually enhanced. Since 1990, the internet has a great influence as well as upgradation of networking and the global standards. There are billions of users of the internet which rely on networking technologies and applications such as internet protocol and communications.

The Web Services

Web service is a software which uses standardized XML messaging system. In order to encode all the communication over the network, the XML codes are used. Web services are considered as modular, dynamic, distributed, self-contained applications that can be published, described, located and involved over the network in order to create the processes, supply chains, and products. These types of applications are web-based, local and distributed. Web services are built on open standards such as the HTTP, Java, HTML, XML, and TCP/IP. Along with this, a web service is the collection of the open standards and protocols which are used to store as well as exchange data over the internet.

The role of the internet

The Internet is considered as a significant local information source. The role of the internet is dependent on the desires and goals of daily life and activities included in daily life. The positive use and role of the internet make the lives simple and easy. The internet is helpful in order to provide useful information, data, and knowledge for the social, economic, and personal development and also utilizes the time on world wide web in a productive manner. The internet is considered as the revolution in information technology.

(Kumar, 2018)

Role of the internet to increase the speed of daily tasks

The first thing we do in the morning is checking emails and other notifications. With the integration of the internet, life has become so much easier as complex tasks can be performed in few minutes. It The examples are pizza ordering, email, money transfer, and shopping.

Role of the internet in research and development

With the use of the internet, the quality of research and pace of work towards the innovation has risen. Research has become easy. Everyone is getting the benefit of the internet in the research as well as development starting from the small business owners to the big ones. Decision-making process is one of the important processes in organizations, failure and success of the organization depend on the decision-making process (Kumar, 2018).

Role of the internet in the quick and free communication

The Internet is far-reaching and most effective communication tool in the present scenario. Communication on the internet is fast and free and all can interconnect with the use of internet technologies such as Skype, social media, and chat messengers. Social media is the common platform for the professional as well as personal purposes. Along with this, the ability to connect and communicate at breakneck speeds also enable us to finish our tasks at faster rates as well as become more efficient.

The role of web services

The role of web services is categorized into three different aspects such as the service provider, service registry, and service requestor.

Service provider

Service registry

Service requestor

· The service provider is one which provides the web services.

· The service provider is responsible to implement services as well as makes it available on the internet.

A service registry is a logically centralized directory of the services.

It provides the central place for the developers in order to publish the new services as well as findings next ones.

·       In this, is any consumer present on the web service.

·       The requestor mainly utilizes the existing web services.

·       It utilizes the XML request and open internet connection.


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