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Different Types of Bibliography and Ways to Write Them

Home Articles Different Types of Bibliography and Ways to Write Them

Before you start to explore and understand how to write a bibliography, it is important to familiarize yourself with its basics. Bibliography is a series of citations, books, and references used by an individual in carrying out academic tasks.

Not adding bibliographies or not trying to understand how to write it is also a sign of affirmative refusal, which will affect in the long run your work based on morality and ethics. Therefore, for those who are really interested in understanding how to write bibliographies, here is a guide on the best way to write bibliographies which can make a great impact over the academic supervisor.

Types of Bibliography

A bibliography can be divided into three main categories namely Enumerative Bibliography, Analytical Bibliography, and Annotated Bibliography

Enumerative Bibliography

Before knowing how to write a bibliography, it is important to consider enumerative bibliography. Enumerative Bibliography is usually conceived in a query containing the name of the author, the subject and the date. In the enumerative bibliography, the recorded things have a place with a typical class or a thematic presentation. The author who uses this type of bibliography must understand and relate to the sources used in his work. In any case, vast information about the physical characteristics of the book is not required here. You can mention this clarification in case you are trying to see how to do a bibliography using an enumerative format or presentation.

Analytical Bibliography

Analytical bibliography consists of 3 subclasses named as textual, descriptive and historical. A textual bibliography contrast the work and the sources into the work of the authors. Historical bibliography clarifies the foundation or setting reviewed in the work. In the end, descriptive is linked to the representation of the physical characteristics of the book being distributed. If you can connect this clarification and receive common learning, then you can write a good bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography

If you want to understand how to compose a bibliography, which is annotated in nature. In case of annotated bibliography, the author must make an indelible display of all the sources used in the book in an alphabetical format. If you really want to figure it out how to write an effective bibliography then annotations and addition of all the important and crucial notes must be included into the bibliography, which is also considered as one of the main element that must be considered by all the authors. Comments over the sources are unique attribute to write a better bibliography.

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