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Computer Hardware- These are the physical components which are used to make a computer system. In networking, there are different kinds of hardware devices present which can be installed inside and can be connected with other devices located outside the campus (Fisher, 2018).

In the computer system, following hardware devices can be easily founded: -

  • Motherboard: - Motherboard is a printed circuit board located either at the bottom side or at the back side of chassis. The main function of the motherboard is to allocate power along with communication medium to CPU, RAM and other parts of the computer system to communicate with each other.
  • Central Processing Unit: - CPU is considered as one of the central parts of any digital computer system in which there is a main memory, control unit and arithmetic-logic unit. The CPU is the heart of the computer system which helps the user to connect different devices.
  • Random Access Memory: - Inside the CPU, there is internal memory that is used by the users to store data and information of users. This allows users to read/write the memory until the machine works. When the machine is switched off, all the data stored in RAM is erased.
  • Video Card: - It is also known as an expansion card which allows the user’s system to send the graphical type of data to another machine-like projector, monitor etc. For example - graphics card, graphical adapter, display adapter, video controller and add-in boards.
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD): - It is the largest storage device present in the computer system. It stores operating software, software titles along with other files. In the computer system, the hard drive is considered as a “C drive” because Microsoft Windows set C drive as a primary partition on the hard drive.
  • Solid-State driver (SSD): - In recent times, the solid-state drives are becoming common in the computer system. It is an industry shorthand which develops an integrated
  • Optical Drive: - The optical drivers in the computer systems allow the users to use DVDs, CDs, and Blu-ray optical drives. In the optical driver, there are lenses, on which the electromagnetic waves are used to read and write data.
  • Card Reader: - Card reader is a generic term that is used for input devices which are capable of reading the flash card. It is also considered as a standalone hardware device which can be connected like a USB with the computer system.

Following devices can be found connected (outside) with the computer-

  • Monitor: - It is a type of hardware device on which the video or information is displayed graphically. The information on the monitor is displayed by using the video card.
  • Keyboard: - It is a piece of a hardware device which is used as an input device. The keyboard is connected with the CPU externally and some systems also provide virtual keyboards to enter the commands.
  • Mouse: - In the computer systems, it is a hand-operated input pointer used by users to manipulate objects that are displayed on the screen.
  • Battery Backup: - Sometimes, there is electrical power failure which also leads to an increase in the chance of data loss. To avoid any such loss, the users use battery backup which provides a limited time of power supply to save the work done on the system.
  • Printers: - Printers are used to print out the information that is stored on the system.
  • Speakers: - Speakers are hardware devices that are used to play voice-based media.
  • External Hard Drive: - In the computer system, there is a limited storage space to store the data. To overcome the limitation, the external hard drive is there to increase the storage space.

 Computer Software: -

The computer system without the software is incomplete because the software provides an interface to the users from which they are able to communicate with the hardware devices. Following software are necessary for the computer system to perform different operations: -

Operating System: -

Operating system is a set of programs which acts as an interface for the users through which they are able to communicate with computer hardware. It is also known as a special program which is used to manage overall resources and operations that are performed by the systems.

Following are the features of the operating system: -

Processor Management: -

Operating system provides features of processor management through which the users are able to allocate processor to the processes and able to deallocate the processor when there is no need.

Security: - To the computer system, the operating system provides security features like credentials which authenticate the users when they will try to login into the system.

  • Microsoft Office: -

Microsoft Office is an important software which fulfils the basic needs of users for writing documents, creating a spreadsheet, to email and other functions. It also helps in creating a professional presentation. Microsoft Office has the following types of software: -

Word: - This software is used to create the documents.

Excel: - This software is used to maintain the records in the form of spreadsheets.

PowerPoint: - This software is used to create a beautiful presentation.

Entourage: - This software is used to send or receive information.

Reference: -

Fisher, T. (2018). Computer Hardware: Everything You Need to Know. Retrieved from

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