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Different Types of Multi-model Techniques

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What is Multi-model?

Multi-model is a keyword that is composed of two different key terms i.e. Multi and Model collaboratively multimodal. Multi means different/ numerous whereas model refers as the style or forms. Researchers, Teachers and Trainers use multimodal text technique to explore and enhance the learnings of readers, and learners. This essay is related with different types of multimodal techniques those are used to convert normal text into multimodal text type.

Multimodal text is a type of transformed text from its normal form to impressive and easily understandable form. In this essay, a brief discussion has been made on different forms of multimodal techniques, strategies to document multimodal text, and necessity to document multimodal text etc.

Different forms of multi-model techniques

From detailed research and browsing of different internet sources, it has been analyzed that there are different forms of multimodal techniques those are used by the teacher or researcher in order to enhance the overall look of his/her research work. One of such multimodal techniques is conversion of normal text or file by adding graphical content in it such as images, videos, gif’s and audios. Another multimodal technique is to convert the overall text of the report or text of some specified section of the report in graphical form so that it looks attractive and more meaningful for the reader respectively.

Thus, there are numerous techniques of creating multimodal text but the end agenda of each of those technique is similar that is to deliver useful and attractive content. Multimodal techniques are all about the modification of normal text in an informative and attractive form so that it seems useful for the user.

Strategies to document multimodal text

The foremost strategy to document multimodal text is to analyze the course requirement for which the normal text need to be modified and replaced with attractive text form. Through modifying the normal text into multimodal text, the event’s look could better enhanced. Multimodal texts are used by the marketers for marketing their products through attractive product and brand logos. This creates awareness among majority of users or customers of an enterprise.

The second strategy is to document different forms of multimodal texts those could be created for some specified purpose. After this, the required party can choose best form of multimodal text that would be effective to use at that specified period of time. This key strategy increases the product awareness among majority of customers across the world. Furthermore, there is also a need to try different combination of types of multimodal text those would be best to use for majority of people.

Why it is Necessary to Document Multimodal Text

People usually prefers to make use of normal text but they are unaware of the concept that they actually use multimodal text in an unconditional way. They do not have proper knowledge about the way how they are using multimodal text in their files. Inserting font styles, bullet styles, styling the file with borders, and images everything is about insertion of multimodal text in the file in context to make the file more knowledgeable to the reader because there are many readers who do not prefer to read lots of theoretical content in the file and avoid reading large files with lots of textual information resides in it. There is a high need to document multimodal text to make the key findings of the file easy for the reader. Multimodal text can be used in the files and documents to make them more knowledgeable.

At last from the throughout findings of the report, it can be concluded that there are different types of techniques those are used to create multimodal text and use it in the file to increase the knowledge of reader of the file respectively. The use of multimodal text is increasing at rapid rate especially by the researchers and teachers.

Thesis work of students need to be really impressive and attractive for the reader so that the reader could better use it in his future research work as a source of reference. It has been observed that researchers always refer a journal article that consists of numerical, and statistical data as well along with respective graphs and images. Thus, it can be stated at the end, the teachers should explore the learning of several users regarding different ways to create multimodal text in order to improve their knowledge set.

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