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Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of the products and services of the company’s product using the digital technologies mainly with the help of using the internet and the use of the mobile phones or through any other digital medium.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the using of the social media platforms and the websites for promoting the products and services of the organization in an effective manner. The terms social media marketing is becoming more popular for the practitioners and the researchers.

Name of the organization

The name of the organization is Woolworths and the relevant link to the organizational website is

Background of organization

Woolworth sis the Australian retail organization that has its business operations in Australia and New Zealand. The company is second largest in terms of value after Wesfarmers. Together Coles and Woolworths acquire more than 80% of the market share. The CEO of the company is Brad Banducci and its current revenue in the organization is approximately 5566.9 crores AUD. Products and service- Woolworths is basically a retail store and the product range of the Woolworths is very vast. Some of the products and services offered by Woolworths are Fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood and deli, bakery products, pantry, freezer, drinks, liquor and other food, health and beauty and households’ products.

Why organization needs digital and social media marketing makeover

The organization is urgent need of digital and social media marketing makeover because it is facing greater competition from e-commerce retailers such h as Amazon, eBay etc., and if organization does not go for digital and social media marketing, then it may not be able to sustain in the market for long run.


So, in the nutshell it can be concluded that Woolworths is in urgent need of digital and social media marketing because it would be helpful for them to attain long term market share among other players and major competitors such as Coles, Amazon, eBay etc. 

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