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What is annotated bibliography?

Annotated bibliography is the list of sources that are used for research purpose, and it includes a brief summary of each source that is used in research. The main purpose of writing annotated bibliography is- to showcase the work done in research, to provide additional information to the users so that they will use it in order to evaluate the future aspects of the research topic, to provide sufficient information to the reader. The most important things that are covered in annotated bibliography is- purpose, arguments, and ideas of the research topic. It is important while writing an annotated bibliography that it should use complete sentences so that the meaning of line should be properly clear to the reader, incorporate new ideas, words and sentence in the annotated bibliography, it is important to write an entire detail of research content so that the readers can understand the concept behind the bibliography. The main purpose of an annotated bibliography is to provide the reader with a fairly comprehensive selection of scholarly sources on a given research topic.

From where to get information for annotated bibliography?

Authorized Journals- The researcher should need to find the authorized journals and should need to evaluate the research problems through which researcher can easily understand the key concepts of the existing research paper and can easily write an annotated bibliography for research in which whole existing paper is summarized in few lines. Research should not simply quite the summary or abstract which is provided at the beginning of the journal articles. The research should need to decide that the summarized annotated bibliography is sufficiently clarified the key concept of paper or not if the paper will not provide a clear vision of paper then it is important for the research to add additional information so that the main concept of research will be clear to the readers.

Books- the reader should need to read the books, topic’s introductory part, preface, and the summaries so that sufficient information for annotated bibliography can be gathered. If the reader does not want to read the entire book, then it is mandatory for research to gather information that is relevant to the research topic. In addition to this, the research can also use additional items such as pictures, charts, works cited a list, graphics, etc. so that the requisite information for annotated bibliography would be obtained.

Internet- Research identifies additional information related to the research topic in order to clear the vision of annotated bibliography. The research should need to identify the alternative sources from where the research relevant information can be obtained through which the annotated bibliography.

Steps to write annotated bibliography-

  • Firstly, it is important for research to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the existing research papers.
  • After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses, research outlines and understand the key facts of existing research so that all the facts can be summarized and covered in the annotated bibliography.
  • It is information to cite the information of the existing journal from where the data is obtained. In annotated bibliography citation is must require to give the credit to the author for his/her research.
  • The solution proposed in the existing paper should need to explain in annotated bibliography in order to reflect the work of the author. Moreover, by reading the annotated bibliography the author can under the effectiveness of proposed solution efficiently.