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Case Study and its Cloud Migration of DTGOV

DTGOV Case Study

DTGOV is an organization which wants to migrate some of its premises (Webservers) to an IaaS instance in AWS for testing its cloud migration strategy. The organization understands that it needs a complete plan before its migration. However, it wants to determine want sort of architecture would be required to support its web services over cloud. DTGOV case study reflects some requirements those are essential by DTGOV and its users for the web services, mentioned as below:

  • Readily available and accessible at all times
  • Capable of handling heavy loads in times of peak demand
  • Capable of serving downloads to users as required
  • Secure from attacks
  • Capable of providing reports on usage

Initial Webserver trial: How the selected DTGOV webservers will work in an IaaS instance in the AWS Cloud environment. Avail Assignment Help Australia to get complete information.

DTGOV webservers will work in the similar manner over cloud as on-premises. However, AWS will all own responsible for the management of the entire infrastructure and services for the continuous operations through hosted webservers. It will also support high availability, scalability and accessibility of the services for 24/7 using internet connection.

Types of cloud architectures could be useful for web infrastructure migration of DTGOV over cloud

Following are the possible architectures for the for web infrastructure migration of DTGOV over cloud:

  1. IaaS on Public cloud
  2. IaaS on Private Cloud
  3. IaaS on Hybrid Cloud

Security of infrastructure or webservers over cloud

After migrating web infrastructure over cloud infrastructure of AWS, AWS will all own responsible for the security and protection DTGOV’s web infrastructure from all the security threats.

Office 365: Best way to provide the office automation services

DTGOV’s customers want to provide all their staff with the ability to access office automation, such as email, word processing and spreadsheet capabilities, as well as online storage for their files, whether they are in the office, at home, or working at a remote site in the field. The organization is highly concerned to learn about the about the critical issues, other than cost those might affect the supply of the office automation services to the staff of the customers. Following are the benefits and issues of office 365 those must be learnt by DTGOV

Benefits for DTGOV customers for moving to Office 365

  1. Anytime and anywhere access
  2. Seamless team collaboration
  3. Automatic and regular updates
  4. Threat Intelligence
  5. Mobile device management
  6. Advanced security
  7. Flexible plans

Issues for DTGOV customers for moving to Office 365

  1. The services could not be accessed without internet connection
  2. Lack of data ownership
  3. Compatibility issues might be faced with on-premises systems and devices

How cloud-based approach is different from on premise data center to provide office automation suite?

Alike other SaaS, office 365 is a cloud based tool which records, stores and backed up the entire data of the users over cloud rather than servers placed in the datacenter. This data storage will be free from all type disasters because data will be stored over the virtual servers.

PaaS for the customize SharePoint Migration

For the customized SharePoint Migration, PaaS is the best option to migrate out of IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. SaaS is the cloud service which provides cloud hosted software those are not customizable. PaaS is the cloud service which allows the hosting of the on-premises application as well their customization. IaaS is the cloud service which provides infrastructure to host the on-premises.

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