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The technological advancements have brought up the techniques of new-age in the functioning of the organisation. But this is the world of globalisation, and the companies have their existence all over the world. There are no geographical barriers in today’s world. And for the success of the organisation, there has to be an important component due to which there is productive working. The function of HR manager is to organise the employees for the better and effective working. The human resource manager has to look at the employees with the point of view of human assets rather than an expense to the organisation. If we consider employees as an expense, the employees would never be happy with the organisation.

Role of the human resource manager

The HR manager always suggests the management about the strategies that can make the company in a better way. The role of the HR manager also includes the recruitment of the employees, training and development of the employees and the strategies. The work of the HR manager is more like a consultant and not as a worker.  Here are the roles and responsibilities of HR manager:

  • Recruitment of the employees

It is one of the main function of the HR managers. It is considered to be a big responsibility. The HR manager has to suggest the strategies for the proper and better recruitment of the employees.  HR is a mediator between the candidates and the employers for the better communication and let them know the policies of the organisation. Under-recruitment there are certain roles of HR manager :  

  • To attract more talent

It begins with the planning of the requirement of employees. The HR has to decide and analyse how many employees are required in the different departments and what are the skills required in the employees. There is the requirement of creating a good image in the minds of the employees. It has become quite important in today’s age for the awareness of the rights of the employees and the employers.

  • Hiring of resource

In this step, the hiring process is put into the actions. The role of the HR manager requires researching the market for the available talent in the market. After putting so many efforts, they get to find the suitable workforce for their company. In this part, they have to look for the relevant location for reaching the greatest potential for the betterment of the organisation. They have to bring the candidates to the company and conduct their interviews.

  • Training of the employees

Recruitment is just a starting step, but the main task begins with the training of the employees. Training of the employees is as important as hiring them. We need to let the new employees know about the working conditions of the organisation. For the identification of training needs of the organisation, it is important to analyse it properly.

It is the responsibility of the HR managers to train them for the better functioning of the organisations. There are certain skills required in the employees, and not all are acquainted with it. Thus, the HR managers have to inherit them with those skills so that they can cope with the level of the company and the employees working in it.

  • Development of the company and personnel

Training is the necessary part whereas development is the bonus for the students. The HR managers have to make them developed for the betterment of the employees and the company. You can engage the employees in the conferences and seminars etc. The HR manager has to find out the interest of the employees to make them interested in the development part. This will add up to the skills of the employees and thus, the employees would work in a better way for the company.

  • Regular Appraisals in the salaries

Human resource management is for the employees only in the organisation. Thus, they have to carry out the certain activities for the betterment of the employees. Appraisals are one of them, and it is the most important thing to motivate the employees to work for the organisation. appraisals are based on the performance of the employees, and it is just like a reward to them. It also helps the employees to know what is being expected of them and how well they are performing in the organisation.

The HR has to form a policy that will measure the performance of the employees at a particular index and thus, the company can decide how to implement the appraisals. The team HR should have clear communication with the employees to give their feedback and suggestions on the performance. There has to be a system of rewarding employees for the excellent work.

  • To resolve the conflicts

In an organisation, there are different types of people working. All of them have different views and working conditions. Thus, it is natural to have conflicts among two or three employees. Whenever a situation like this occurs, the HR has to intervene and resolve the situation with a quick decision. Biasness is not a condition here. The HR has to be unbiased, listen to both the parties and then come up to a decision that is not harmful to the organisation.

  • Maintain relations with the employees

The human resource manager has to maintain healthy relations among the employees for the proper functioning of the company. They have to know the interpersonal skills of the employees, only then, one can be a good human resource manager. An HR has to maintain a good relationship so that the employees are comfortable working in the organisation and under the HR manager.

  • Maintenance of work culture

The role of HR manager is to maintain a healthy work environment and atmosphere for the employees so that they can be comfortable while working. It is important to remove their stress and anxiety so that they can perform better. It is quite essential as the performance of the employees depend largely on the environment they are working in. The HR has to maintain an open door policy so that the employees can feel free to communicate with the staff and the HR manager. Treating everyone equally can help out in this.

There are lot more roles and responsibilities of the HR managers towards the employees and the company.

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