Effective Methods for Human Resource Development

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It is imperative to keep developing the talents and skills of human resources of an organisation to keep pace with changing trends and techniques of the world. Human resource development which is also known as the HRD department of a company is a framework made for the improvement of the human capital of a firm. There are various aspects of the HRD system which include the strategies and plans to develop the current skills and competencies of individuals to meet the demands of the industry and market. This is the responsibility of the human resource department to keep the developmental process going on so that there does not come a stagnation in the talent base of the employees.

There are many reasons why a well planned and executed HRD system can give an organisation a competitive edge over others, and that is what the primary purpose of running a business. The superior workforce which is being developed by the methodological approaches always turns out to be highly beneficial for any company. The human resource is the most influence asset of any firm, and with the help of the dedication of the high performing teams of a company, it can achieve its both short-term and long-term goals.


The development of an individual does not happen overnight, but it is a gradual process which takes some time. Therefore the HRM department has to strategies all the aspects and HRD programs by taking a time margins. This is not necessary that the results will show immediately after teaching a behaviour a or skill to the employees. People might take some time to learn, absorb, reflect and execute the new behaviour. There are numerous methods which are adopted by the HR managers for creating a learning culture in an organization. When the companies get into the habit of learning and implementing the new things, then they transform themselves to become learning organizations.

  • Training and Development programs for imparting new skills and competencies
  • Performance management and performance appraisal system
  • Evaluation feedback
  • Tuitional assistance for the employees for the areas they want to develop
  • Formal or informal classroom training


The methods and techniques for doing particular tasks are changing continuously with the fast upgrading technology. It is highly essential to make the individuals well versed with all the current tools and trends which can cut down the efforts and time to complete a task at hand and can increase the productivity many folds. There are so many advantages of human resource development that the cost incurred on these process becomes an investment for the company which pays off very well in the future.

  • This is the way the employees gain knowledge, skills and competencies to do the task better
  • The employees feel motivated when they learn new things
  • The productivity of a company goes higher with the well-informed and motivated workforce
  • The ability to accomplish tasks also increases when the employees are trained to master a specific skill
  • With the regular developmental plans, the communication in the organization even becomes transparent
  • With the help of the HRD process, a connection can be established between the individual goals of the people and overall organisational objectives
  • Employees also feel more valued, and their efficiency also increase due to an enhanced sense of responsibility