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Factors That Affect Employees’ Job Performance

Home Articles Factors That Affect Employees’ Job Performance

There are several reasons that affect the performance of the employees while working in the organisation. Sometimes, there are training programs that motivate the employees and make them work as per the requirements of the organisation. The reason for this can be the ineffectiveness of the training program but in fact, it is not the fault of the training problem, but it can be due to the miscommunication.

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Here are some factors that affect the performance of the employees:

  • Ability to learn

Every individual has its learning abilities, and there are the situations, where they do not have any control over the abilities and the skills they have already learned. Every individual has their learning abilities, but it is not acceptable to all the managers. Thus, the managers must know this ability and make them learn at their pace. It can help them to perform badly. They can also assign them the easy tasks in the beginning so that they get comfortable in the organisation and adjust themselves to the atmosphere.

  • Improper resources

The resources are sometimes improper. There are the situations when the employees do not have the proper time, the funds, or the required personnel. Thus, they are not capable of completing the task even if they want to. it is a major problem faced by the individuals, but they do not communicate their problem to the managers so that they can have some solution to this problem.

  • Hurdles in their ways of success

There are certain obstacles faced by the individuals while working in the organisation. That problem can be of some order from the senior, issues with other departments or there can be the problems that are not in the control of the employees and they do not find any way to tackle it. To get rid of these hurdles, it is quite essential to have the intervention of the managers to get the right solution.

  • Set of skills

There can be the lack of skills that are causing problems for the employees. The employees who lack the skills sometimes start running from the work. But there can be the situation, where employees can improve their skills and abilities with the training problem. But to improve the skills of the employees, there are certain seminars and training programs that can help the employees to develop better skills in them.

  • A lot of expectations

Sometimes, expectations are higher than the actual work. If the employer has a higher set of performance, it can cause a problem for the employees, and they are expected to perform even higher than they are already doing. You must go through the objectives and the goals that are deliverable; then they must clear the confusion with the employees and set a standard if they want to for the better performance.

No motivation for the work

The other cause for the bad performance can be the motivation in the employees.

  • Less appreciation

There is no appreciation of the work of the employees that demotivates, and thus, they tend to perform badly. This is the main reason that increases the absenteeism of the employees and also makes them against the organisation. It is really important for some people to get praised for their work, it helps them to work in a better way in future also. Thus, it is important to recognise the hard work so that the employee gets motivated to keep up the good work.

  • No penalty for bad performance

Sometimes, people do not bother about the bad performance also. There are the organisations that do not recognise the factors that make the people perform bad, and they do not even care about punishing them or even noticing their performance. But, the HR manager should follow the right procedure. If the employee is having bad performance regularly, then they must tell them that their performance is bad and warn them for that. The direct penalty is not a solution either. The organised corporations follow the right procedure to work. If required, the HR should also suggest to them the solutions for the better performance.

  • Lack of enthusiasm

There is less enthusiasm in the employees sometimes. The employees are burned out or exhausted by the pressure of work. Thus to save them from that pressure the HR has to energise them. In these situations, the employee would be having bad performance that will directly or indirectly affect the organisation. Thus, to save the employee and the company from the bad performance, it is important to have a communication with the employees and talk to them if they are facing any trouble while working in the organisation.

These were the problems faced by the employees at the workplace. It is the duty of the HR manager to recognise these problems and make the employees content with the job they are performing.

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