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Factors That Improve the Morale of Employees

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To build the morale of the employees is very important for the organisation. It is the responsibility of the managers to make efforts so that they can bring improvement in the employees. And that check can be made on the individual and group basis and the most preferable is the group technique. The reason behind this is the group have an easy influence on the people and there can be better understanding of the dynamics that helps to raise the morale of the individual.

There can be people with high and low morale in the organisation and for complete information, you must read major causes of low morale in employees.

Here are the factors that can help to improve the morale of the employees

  • Having a two-way communication

For the better understanding, there should be proper communication between the employees and the management. There are certain policies and programmes that help the employees to have a better downward communication. It should be easily communicated to the high-level management that how the employees are feeling while working in the organisation.

It is quite important to have regular feedback from the employees so that they can manage it on time. In this way, if the management is transferring their messages effectively and the subordinates are replying at the same pace, there will be an effective two-way communication which will boost up the communication.

  • Having a good incentive system

If the company has a good system that is providing monetary and non-monetary benefits to the employees, then the employees will feel satisfied working there. The companies should automatically offer the benefits to the students who are working with great enthusiasm and performing better.

  • Maintaining good relations

The company should work on the approach of having good relations and treat the employees like human beings. The emotions of the employees should be given proper importance, and they must have the freedom to take decisions as per their convenience. The superiors have to recognise the efforts that every employee is making, and then they should provide them with the benefits and the rewards so that they get boosted up to perform even better and raise their morale.

  • Certain schemes of welfare

The companies must have some special welfare schemes for the employees and their families. There are certain facilities such as medical and housing facilities, school fees for children, providing them social security etc. Having all these measures in the company will make the employees have a positive attitude towards the company, and they will feel like working in the organisation.

  • Opportunity to participate in the management

The employees should be felt like a part of management by making them decide freely. The subordinates should have freedom of decisionmaking; it will promote the democracy in the industries. There can also be the consultation with the employees periodically that can help to make the change and its implementation.

It will make it easy for the employees to understand the point of view of the organisation. And if the workers are given the freedom of decision-making, they will feel the sense of responsibility in them. It will help improve the sense of belongingness and also the morale of the employees.

  • Training of the workers

The workers should be trained properly so that they can work in a better way. It will help them to give the satisfaction, and they will start enjoying their work. If there is a person who is not capable of performing and have less knowledge about his job, he will feel frustrated, and the situation will make him depressed. Therefore, if he is trained properly, he would like to work and feel good.

  • Enrichment of job

It involves the factors that motivate the employees to work. Employees’ performance at work should give them satisfaction so that there can be less discontentment at work. More the job enrichment more will be the satisfaction level, and it will boost the morale of the employees.

Therefore, these are the factors that can help the employees to work for a long-term in the organisation and it also makes them have a positive attitude towards their work.

What is the importance of morale?

Here is the importance of morale in an organisation:

  • Complete satisfaction of the employees

Morale is directly related to the satisfaction. If the employee is having complete satisfaction while working in an organisation, his morale would be high, and if the employee has low satisfaction level, his morale would be low. Therefore, we can say that the situation where the employee is having complete harmony, peace, job enrichment, freedom of decision-making and consistency at the job, he will have high morale value.

  • Level of productivity

The morale can also be determined by the level of productivity of the employee.There are two ways that influence the morale such as the direct way and the indirect way. In the direct way, the employee is motivated through inducing efforts and in an indirect way, the morale is induced by removing the negative factors like personal grievance, rate of absenteeism, labour turnover etc.

  • Discipline in the organisation

The companies often face the problem of indiscipline and some employees are reason behind it while some suffer due to it. Therefore, there should be proper discipline in the company that boost the morale of the employee and they will feel like working in the organisation. More is the discipline, high will be the morale and vice-versa.

  • Less management required

If there is complete discipline in the organisation and people are working with full zeal, there would be less need for the strict management and the supervision of the employees. If there is no discipline, then the management has to intervene and make strict rules for the employees.

  • Good image of the company

The employees’ satisfaction is the mirror of the company’s reputation in the market. If the employees are working satisfactorily, then the employees would be satisfied and the company will have good word of mouth. If the employees have high morale, they will create a good image of the company and if the employees are not satisfied, they will spread the bad word of mouth. Thus, it will have a direct impact on the image of the company.

How to know if your company has high morale?

Here are some signs that you must observe in your organisation to know if your company has high morale:

  • If the employees of your company have the tendency to work together and they come up with great results whenever there are some group tasks
  • To handle the external pressures efficiently in the organisations is the identity of the team working with high morale. The grouping should not only be the reason of pressures, but their internal cohesiveness should also make them work together.
  • You can also recognise the morale level through the tendency of the team. If they are working in a group and they cannot divide themselves into sub-groups, then it is a sign of high morale.
  • There can be certain conflicts in the organisation, but if the employees are capable of handling all those conflicts effectively, they will have high morale and vice-versa. The atmosphere of the company keeps on changing, and the employees with high morale should be capable enough to adapt to that situation and work, there will be less resistance.
  • You will always find a feeling of belongingness in the group with high morale and they will stand together in case of complicated circumstances.
  • The team having high morale value will develop a feeling of loyalty and they will have a common goal. The whole team will work on the objective that will be on the priority list. If there is low morale, the team will give priority on their personal objectives.
  • The attitude of the employees should be completely positive and it will be completely according to the objectives and goals of the organisation.
  • The employees with high morale always have a willingness in them to retain the working of the group and they will work on the positive values.

This way, we can have a perfect and high morale team working for the common objectives of the organisations.

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