Fast 3D Reconstruction Methods for Industrial Applications

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In computer vision and computer graphics, 3D reconstruction is the technology which is used for capturing all the shapes and appearance of all the real objects. This basic process can be accomplished with the tow basic methods which are as active and passive. If this model is allowed to change its shape in time, it is referred to as non-rigid or spatiotemporal reconstruction.

It is analyzed that research of 3D reconstruction has always been a difficult goal. With the utilization of 3D reconstruction, one can determine any object profile as well as know the 3D coordinate of any point on the profile. All the 3D reconstruction of objects is of the scientific problem and core technology of a wide variety of fields.

Use of 3D reconstruction technology

The use of 3D reconstruction technique is based on active laser triangulation techniques which is a very complex process in industrial environments. All these factors help in modifying the shape of the laser profile, as this work proposes a fast, accurate, and robust method which is used for extraction of laser stripes in all the industrial environments. The use of 3D reconstruction technology in real-time applications has three main goals as mentioned below:

Accuracy: The proposed procedure which is designed must be accurate, as this is an indispensable requirement for machine vision applications on which action must be taken on basis of information inferred from the images.

Robustness: The proposed procedure which is used must be designed as per the heavy noise conditions and the methods which are not succeeding.

Speed: The proposed procedure must be designed in order to apply under real-time constraints at a high frame rate through which 3D reconstruction can easily be used during industrial manufacturing.

Accuracy, robustness, and speed are common requirements to most of the applications, not only in industrial environments, which makes the proposed procedure applicable to many other types of applications.

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